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Aminoaciduria (aminoaciduria; English amino acid – amino acid + Greek uron – urine; synonym: a hyper aminoaciduria) – the increased removal of one or several amino acids with urine or existence in urine of products of their exchange which normal do not contain in it.


  • Aminoaciduria high-quality family (aminoaciduria benigna familiaris) – the hereditary aminoaciduria arising because of disturbance of a reabsorption of amino acids in renal tubules; the disease is most often inherited on dominant type;
  • Aminoaciduria hereditary (aminoaciduria hereditaria) – the general name of disturbances of exchange of the amino acids connected with the genetic reasons which lead to development of an aminoaciduria;
  • Aminoaciduria reloading (synonym: an aminoaciduria prerenal) – arising because of genetically caused increase in concentration of amino acids in blood, proceeding without disturbance of their reabsorption in renal tubules or as the secondary phenomenon at the diseases breaking the deaminizing function of a liver.
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