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Anastomosis of I

Anastomosis of I in anatomy:

  1. Anastomosis – PNA (The anatomic nomenclature Parisian); Greek anastomosis – an anastomosis, from anastomoo – to supply with the mouth, an opening – natural connection of two hollow bodies (for example, channels, vessels);
  2. Anastomotic vessel (устар.) connecting two lymphatic or a blood vessel.

Allocate the following types of an anastomosis:

  • Arterial (arterialis) – an anastomosis in the form of an arterial branch or network which connects two arterial vessels;
  • Arterial extra organ (arterialis extraorganica) – an arterial anastomosis between the sites of arteries located out of the body supplied by them;
  • Arterial intraorganic (arterialis intraorganica) – an arterial anastomosis between sites of an artery in the body supplied by it;
  • Arterial intrasystem (arterialis intrasystemica) – an arterial anastomosis between branches of one main artery;
  • Arterial intersystem (arterialis intersystemica) – an arterial anastomosis between branches of various main arteries;
  • Arteriovenous glomerular [arteriovenosa glomeriformis – LNH (The Leningrad histologic nomenclature); synonym: a glome] – an arteriolovenulyarny anastomosis in the form of a ball of gyrose vessels which is surrounded with a joint capsule and is supplied with numerous nerve terminations;
  • Arteriolovenulyarny [arteriolovenularis – PNA (The anatomic nomenclature Parisian); arteriovenosa – BNA (The anatomic nomenclature Basel), JNA (The anatomic nomenclature Yenskaya); synonym: an arteriovenous anastomosis] – connection between an arteriole and a venule;
  • Venous (venosa) – between two venous vessels;
  • Kavo-kavalny (cavo-cavalis) – a venous anastomosis between inflows of the lower and upper venas cava;
  • Carotid and basilar (carotidobasilaris) – the arterial anastomosis between an internal carotid and basilar artery of a germ which is reduced by the time of the birth; at later age is anomaly of development;
  • Porto-caval (portocavalis) – a venous anastomosis between inflows hollow and portal veins; it is located in walls of an upper part of a rectum, a belly part of a gullet, etc.;
  • Channels [ductuum – LNE (The Leningrad embryological nomenclature)] – connection of a dorsal and ventral pancreat duct of a germ.
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