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Anhidrosis (anhidrosis; an-– otritsa. a prefix + Greek hidros – sweat) – morbid condition which is characterized by lack of sweating.


  • Anhidrosis inborn (anhidrosis congenita): 1. The anhidrosis connected with an aplasia of sweat glands or an inborn hypoplasia; 2. Autosomal рецессивно the inherited pathology which is shown from the moment of the birth;
  • Anhidrosis acute (anhidrosis acuta): a passing anhidrosis which usually develops because of functional disturbances of sweating, for example, at considerable and bystry dehydration of an organism;
  • Anhidrosis tropical (anhidrosis tropica; synonyms: O'Breyna tropical anhidrosis, adynamy tropical angidrotichesky, Shelley deep heat rash): the pathology which is developing in tropical climate and followed by vesicular rash; arises at obstruction of mouths of sweat glands dust or because of sharp disturbance of the drinking mode;
  • Anhidrosis chronic (anhidrosis chronica): it is long the proceeding anhidrosis arising, as a rule, at and - and hypoplasias of sweat glands.
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