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Anomaly (Greek anomalia – a deviation; synonym: anomaly of development) – in biology a deviation from function and/or the structures inherent in this species which developed because of disturbances of development of an organism. Refer uglinesses and malformations to anomalies.


  • Anomaly kraniovertebralny (anomalia craniovertebralis) – one of inborn defects which is shown in the form of a joint of the I cervical vertebra with a skull, in most cases as one - or a bilateral anchylosis; it is shown, mainly, in the form of symptoms of damage of a cerebellum;
  • Anomaly of a form [forma abnormalis – LNE (The Leningrad embryological nomenclature)] – is characterized by disturbances of a normal structure of a germ;
  • Anomaly color (anomalia colorum) – the disturbance of color sight which is shown in the form of decrease or lack of ability is correct to distinguish colors.
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