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Anosmia (anosmia; an-– otritsa. a prefix + Greek osme – sense of smell) – lack of sense of smell.


  • The anosmia respiratory (anosmia respiratoria) – is caused by disturbance of nasal breath against the background of preservation of function of all elements of the olfactory analyzer;
  • Anosmia senile (anosmia senilis) – an anosmia at elderly people which is caused by a nose mucosal atrophy;
  • The anosmia functional (anosmia functionalis) – arises periodically at neurosises;
  • Anosmia central (anosmia centralis; synonym: the anosmia intracerebral) – is caused by damage of the central nervous system, for example, brain tumors, disturbances of cerebral circulation; in brain hemilesion cases the anosmia central is observed from the same party;
  • The anosmia essential (anosmia essentialis) – is caused by defeats of peripheral department of the olfactory analyzer.
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