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Automatism (Greek automates - spontaneous, automatic) – ability of separate cells, fabrics or bodies to rhythmic activity in the absence of obvious bonds with the external incentive reasons:

  • Automatism geterotopny – motive automatism of heart. It is caused by the impulses arriving from the excitement center which is located out of a nomotopny pacemaker;
  • Automatism geterotopny active (synonym: a heterotopy active) – automatism geterotopny, arising against the background of not changed impulsation which proceeds from a nomotopny pacemaker;
  • Automatism geterotopny passive (synonym: a heterotopy passive) – automatism geterotopny, shown at decrease in frequency or at total absence of an impulsation which proceeds from a nomotopny pacemaker;
  • Automatism motive – automatism which is shown by the stereotypic repeating movements;
  • Automatism nomotopny – motive automatism of heart which is caused by activity of a nomotopny pacemaker.

In medical practice are also described automatism: ambulo out-patient (Latin - to walk), affective, hypnotic, ideatorny (Xing. associative, ideatorno-mnestichesky), mental, speech motor, senestopathetic (Xing. sensual).

Whether you know that:

Was considered earlier that yawning enriches an organism with oxygen. However this opinion was disproved. Scientists proved that yawning, the person cools a brain and improves its working capacity.