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Aceclidine – the active cholinomimetic having miotic effect.

Ацеклидин формула

Forms of release and composition of Aceclidine

  • Solution of 0,2% for subcutaneous injections, an ampoule on 1 or 2 ml;
  • Solution for drops of eye, 2, 3 or 5%. Active ingredient – aceclidine, respectively 2, 3 or 5 g;
  • Oculentum of atseklidinovy 3 or 5%. Active ingredient – aceclidine, respectively 3 or 5 g. Auxiliary components – a liquid paraffin, vaseline, anhydrous lanolin.

Medicinal properties of Aceclidine

Active ingredient raises a peristaltics and a tone of intestines, bronchial tubes, a uterus, a bladder, strengthens salivation. Exerts the expressed impact on M-holinoretseptory. Distinctive feature of drug is the strong miotic effect which surpasses Pilocarpinum in duration and force of action.

Indications to Aceclidine use

Aceclidine according to the instruction is used in ophthalmology for instillation in an eye as a miotik for decrease in intraocular pressure and narrowing of a pupil at glaucoma.

In gynecology, urology, obstetrics and surgery Aceclidine according to the instruction is applied for the purpose of elimination and prevention of paresis and an atony of a bladder and muscles of digestive tract during the postoperative period, at weak patrimonial activity, for the purpose of a bleeding stop a puerperal period, at subinvolution of a uterus and a puerperal atony.

Route of administration and dosages

At an atony of a bladder and intestines write out the recipe on Aceclidine solution. Enter it subcutaneously on 1-2 ml of 0,2% of solution.

The same dosages of Aceclidine according to the instruction apply in obstetric practice and gynecology.

In case of weak action or at insufficient effect of drug use, 2-3 times at an interval of 30 minutes carry out injections. If necessary the drug is administered for 2-3 days (uterus subinvolution).

In ophthalmology apply water solution of 2% to instillation. At insufficient effect apply aqueous solution of 3 or 5%. Also write out the recipe on Aceclidine an oculentum.

Solution is applied to an instillation in eyes of 3-6 times a day (depending on duration of treatment and for therapeutic effect). Atseklidinovy ointment is put before going to bed for edges a century.

Perhaps combined use of Aceclidine according to the instruction with Phosphacolum, Pilocarpinum, Eserinum, etc.

The maximum dosage of Aceclidine according to the recipe: 0,004 g one-time, 0,012 g a day.

Side effects of Aceclidine

At drug overdose, and also at the increased individual sensitivity to drug are possible: hypersalivation, a diarrhea, perspiration, an insignificant lowering of arterial pressure with softly expressed bradycardia.

In eye practice use of Aceclidine according to the recipe can cause feeling of weight and "ache" in eyes. These by-effects can be removed by means of use of injections of cholinolytics – Metatsina, Atropin, etc.Ацеклидин - раствор для закапывания глаз

Contraindications to Aceclidine use

Use of Aceclidine according to the recipe is contraindicated:

  • At pregnancy;
  • Hyperkinesia;
  • In case of gastric bleeding;
  • At inflammatory processes in an abdominal cavity.

Parenteral administration of drug at bronchial asthma, heavy organic heart diseases, epilepsy, atherosclerosis, stenocardia is not allowed.

Special instructions

In case of a solution instillation in eyes, it is recommended to press for several minutes area of a dacryocyst that solution did not get to a nasal cavity and to the area of the lacrimal channel.

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