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Afobazole – belongs to medicines of group of aksiolitik (drugs which reduce alarm). Active ingredient of drug – Afobazole.

Pharmacological action

Afobazole belongs to the calming medicines which reduce alarm. Use of Afobazole does not result in dependence on medicine even at quite long reception. Drug does not exert a negative impact on memory and concentration of attention, does not reduce a muscle tone that is confirmed also by reviews of Afobazole. At reception of Afobazole the withdrawal is not observed, that is at the sharp termination of administration of drug the aggravation of symptoms of the patient does not develop.

According to the instruction, Afobazole possesses double action: removes feeling of uneasiness and renders easy stimulation. Decrease in a condition of uneasiness and nervous tension leads to improvement of both a mental, and physical condition of the patient. The effect of drug directed to decrease in uneasiness allows to eliminate symptoms (muscular, respiratory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal) which are present at somatic disturbances. Also the frequency of vegetative frustration (perspiration, dryness of an oral cavity, dizziness) decreases.

Use of drug promotes improvement of memory and concentration of attention that is confirmed also by positive reviews about Afobazole.

Positive dynamics of a state is observed for 5-7 day after the beginning of administration of drug. The maximum effect occurs in 3-4 weeks and remains for 1 more or 2 weeks depending on a condition of a metabolism of the specific patient. Afobazole well helps patients who are disturbed by suspiciousness, the increased vulnerability, emotional instability, uncertainty in itself. The good effect of use of drug is proved also by positive reviews about Afobazole.

According to the instruction, Afobazole is well soaked up also by a GIT, has high extent of linkng with proteins of a blood plasma. Drug is quickly enough removed from an organism that reduces probability of overdose of Afobazole.

Indications to Afobazole use

Use of Afobazole is reasonable in such cases:

Афобазол назначают при тревожных расстройствах- alarming states: neurasthenia, disorders of adaptation, general alarming frustration;

- somatic diseases: syndrome of the angry intestines, bronchial asthma, ischemia, hypertension, arrhythmia, system lupus erythematosus;

- oncological and dermatological diseases (according to indications);

- sleep disorders;

- neurocirculatory dystonia;

- premenstrual syndrome;

- alcoholic abstinence syndrome;

- for simplification of a state at refusal of cigarettes.

Route of administration of Afobazole and dose

According to the instruction to Afobazole, drug is accepted inside, it is desirable after meal.

The dose of Afobazole is selected individually depending on weight and the course of a disease. At the initial stage of treatment the dose of Afobazole makes 10 mg on one reception, a daily dose – 30 mg. According to indications, use of Afobazole can be increased to 60 mg \days. The course of treatment Afobazole makes 2-4 weeks, in case of need the doctor can prolong treatment time up to 3 months or to appoint a repeated course through a certain period.

Side effects

According to the instruction, Afobazole can have such side effects:

- allergy;

- diarrhea (diarrhea);

- nausea;

- vomiting.

Contraindications to Afobazole use

Contraindications to use of Afobazole is:

- age up to 18 years;

- pregnancy;

- feeding by a breast;

- intolerance of components of Afobazole;

- gipolaktaziya (lactose intolerance).

Afobazole and alcohol

Afobazole does not strengthen narcotic effect of alcohol therefore at reception of Afobazole with alcohol drug will not cause poisoning. But you should not accept alcohol during treatment nevertheless as it is possible to lower or reduce to zero effect of treatment by Afobazole.

The principle of effect of alcohol and Afobazole on the central nervous system different therefore alcohol intake and Afobazole at the same time can lower or completely remove positive effect from Afobazole reception. This results from the fact that alcohol slows down work of a nervous system, and Afobazole, on the contrary, activates.

The combination of alcohol and Afobazole at treatment of hormonal disturbances at women will also not lead to a positive take.

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