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Ангин-Хель – гомеопатическое средствоAngin-Hel – homeopathic antiinflammatory medicine.

Pharmacological action Angin-Hel

Angin-Hel use in therapy of LOR-diseases, he renders febrifugal, antiseptic, antiedematous, antiinflammatory, disintoxication action.

Hydrargyrum bicyanatum removing an inflammation of a pharynx, throat, almonds, Apis mellifica removing puffiness, Phytolacca which is applied at rheumatic diseases, inflammations mucous, Arnica eliminating any bleedings, helping at a mialgiya, Dulcamara removing an inflammation of joints, Belladonna which is applied to treatment of inflammations of respiratory tracts, joints, skin, almonds is a part of drug.

It is noted that drug promotes opening of purulent traffic jams on almonds and to outflow of pus from them.

Positive reviews about Angin-Hel demonstrate that the pharyngalgia thanks to drug significantly decreases and passes finally on second day of therapy.

Release form

Angin-Hel release in tablets for sublingual use.

Indications to use

Angin-Hel use for treatment of adenoid, acute disease, it helps at tonsillar abscess, tonsillar traffic jams, a hypertrophy and swelling of almonds, rhinitis chronic and other diseases mucous.

Good comments on Angin-Hel, applied at diphtheria of a nose, diseases of mucous which developed because of it.

Use Angin-Hel according to the instruction

Angin-Hel the adult appoint on 1y to a tablet three р / day. If the disease proceeds sharply, it is possible to accept on 1y to a tablet each 15 min. for two hours. After the state improves, pass to a usual dosage. It is recommended to Rassasyvat tablets in 15 min. prior to food or in an hour later.Таблетки Ангин-Хель

Angin-Hel children after 3kh are given years on the 1st tablet in one step, and to children up to 3 years and the newborn – 0,5 tablets.

After the therapeutic effect occurs, drug is recommended to be accepted on an extent of 3-5 days.

At an early treatment (at emergence of the first symptoms of a disease) therapy duration considerably decreases, the risk of development of complications significantly decreases.

Side effects

Drug can cause an allergy, the increased salivation.

Contraindications to use Angin-Hel

Angin-Hel according to the instruction is contraindicated at intolerance of his components, an allergy to plants from family of a thistle family.

With care give Angin-Hel to children up to 12 l.

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378 rub.

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Angin-hel SD тбл сублингв. No. 50, Biologische Heilmittel Heel

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