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Антистакс в капсулахАнтистакс – phytodrug from group of vasoprotectives and proofreaders of microcirculation, for treatment of disturbances of venous blood circulation.

Form of release and structure

Антистакс is issued in capsules with a gelatinous cover of red color, in the form of gel for external use and in the form of the spray cooling.

According to the instruction, the capsule of Antistaks contains the powder of brownish color with a characteristic smell including:

  • Dry extract of leaves of grapes – 180 mg;
  • Colloid anhydrous silicon oxide – 9,35 mg;
  • To Dextrosum – 38,25 mg;
  • Starch corn – 8,4 mg;
  • Magnesium stearate – 2,6 mg;
  • Talc – 8,4 mg.

The cover of the capsule consists of gelatin, sodium of lauryl sulfate, titanium of dioxide (E171), dye of ferrous oxide of red (E172), dye of ferrous oxide of yellow (E172), the water purified.

Capsules are packaged in blisters on 10 pieces, the pack contains 2, 3, 5, 10 or 16 blisters.

Gel of Antistaks for external use contains: Vitis vinifera – extract of red leaves of grapes, water, alcohol, glycerin ether, ether of fatty acid of coconut oil, sodium a hydroxide, dyes erythrosin and caramel and oil lemon. One tuba is issued in tubas (125 ml), in a cardboard pack.

The cooling spray for legs of Antistaks contains: extract of leaves of grapes, water, a carbamide, propylene glycol, an isopropyl butylphenyl, linalyl ester, citral, hexyl tsinnamat myristate, panthenol, the hydrogenated castor oil (PEG-40), diethyl ether, methylparaben, perfume, Carbomer 940, aminomethyl propyl alcohol, methyl propionate, geraniol, citronellol. 1 bottle is issued in bottles with the sprayer (75 mg), in a cardboard pack.

Indications to use

According to the instruction, use of Antistaks is recommended for prevention and treatment of symptoms of the chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) at a varicosis, including hypostases, feeling of weight in legs, paresthesias (prickings and numbness), pain.


Drug cannot be accepted at hypersensitivity to its components, and also children and teenagers up to 18 years.

According to the instruction of Antistaks it is not recommended for use during pregnancy and a lactation as researches on safety of use of a medicine in this group were not conducted.

Route of administration and dosage

Capsules of Antistaks are accepted orally, to food, on 1 capsule 2 times a day. At the expressed venous insufficiency the dose can be increased to 4 capsules a day. They need to be swallowed entirely, washing down with enough water. The course of use of Antistaks makes 12 weeks.

For prevention of aggravations 2 times a year administration of drug within 4 weeks on 2 capsules of 1 times a day are recommended.

It is more effective to use gel along with capsules. Gel is applied in the morning and in the evening, the massing movements from a shin to a hip.

Spray of Antistaks is applied as an auxiliary component of treatment to creation of the cooling effect. It is necessary to spray it, holding a bottle vertically, from distance of 10 cm, before use having intensively stirred up several times. After drawing means needs to be rubbed the massage movements in skin of legs in the direction from below up.

Side effects

Unlike analogs, Antistaks's use seldom causes allergic reactions (approximately in 1% of all cases of use).

By-effects from the alimentary system in the form of discomfort in a stomach and nausea – less than 1% of cases.

Special instructions

In case of lack of effect of treatment within 6 weeks it is obligatory to consult with the doctor for therapy correction.

Patients with a diabetes mellitus have to consider that 1 capsule of drug contains 7,5 mg of glucose, respectively in 4 capsules (the maximum daily dose) its contents – 30 mg.

At sudden education (especially in one leg) tension, erubescences, hypostasis, pain, burning it is necessary to see a doctor at once. The listed signs can demonstrate development of thrombophlebitis. It is possible to renew in that case a course of treatment only after medical consultation.

Gel and spray of Antistaks cannot be used in the presence of wound surfaces on the lower extremities. It is important to avoid hit of funds for mucous membranes and in eyes.


As as a part of Antistaks unique natural components contain, on active ingredient it has no structural analogs.

The medicines similar in the influence mechanism intended for therapy of a varicosity of the lower extremities: Agapurin, Anavenolum, Vazoket, Venarus, Venitan, Venolayf, Venoflebin, Gepatrombin, Detralex, Doksilek, Indovazin, Lioton 1000, Ralofekt, Rutin, Stilamin, Trokserutin, Ultralanum, Qingnasang, Escuzanum.

Terms and storage conditions

Антистакс it is necessary to store capsules and spray in the dry place at a temperature from 15 ° to 25 °C, and it is better to preserve gel in the refrigerator.

Period of validity of drugs – 3 years.

The prices in Internet drugstores:

Name of drug



Антистакс капс 180 mg No. 20, Pharmaton

507 rub.

Сеть московских аптек ИФКNetwork of the Moscow drugstores of IFC

Антистакс capsules of 20 pieces

585 rub.

Аптека вер.ру, ОООApteka вер.ру, LLC

Антистакс gel for external use of 125 ml

911 rub.

Аптека вер.ру, ОООApteka вер.ру, LLC

Антистакс capsules of 50 pieces

932 rub.

Аптека вер.ру, ОООApteka вер.ру, LLC

Антистакс gel of 125 ml, Boehringer Ingelheim

1047 rub.

Сеть московских аптек ИФКNetwork of the Moscow drugstores of IFC

Антистакс капс 180 mg No. 50, Pharmaton

1147 rub.

Сеть московских аптек ИФКNetwork of the Moscow drugstores of IFC

Антистакс capsules of 100 pieces

1465 rub.

Аптека вер.ру, ОООApteka вер.ру, LLC
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