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АрголайфArgolayf – the hygienic means on the basis of colloid silver possessing a wide range of antimicrobic action.

Pharmacological action of Argolayf

Argolayf's action is caused by the high-disperse silver which is its part.

Drug possesses a wide range of antimicrobic action, interferes with reproduction of disease-producing viruses, bacteria and fungi. Argolayf has more expressed bactericidal effect in comparison with analogs – protargol and colloid silver.

According to reviews Argolayf does not cause allergic reactions and can be applied to children.

Release form

Argolayf produce in the form of 0,05% of solution of colloid silver in bottles 10 ml.

Indications to Argolayf's use

Argolayf according to the instruction apply:

  • For treatment of a SARS and various LOR-diseases;
  • As outside hygienic means for processing of integuments;
  • In ophthalmology, gynecology and cosmetology.


Argolayf is contraindicated only at individual intolerance of the drugs containing silver.

Routes of administration

Argolayf it is possible to apply as in a pure, and divorced look for what use the drinking or distilled water or weak solutions of baking soda. According to the instruction Argolayf apply:

  • For treatment of LOR-diseases, including antritis, adenoides, sinusitis, tonsillitis, rhinitis. It is recommended to carry out sanitation of a nasopharynx several times a day, having parted 2-4 teaspoons of solution in a glass of water. Also effectively to do turundas with Argolayf in a nose for 20-30 minutes for a week daily;
  • For acceleration of healing of wounds, grazes, herpetic rashes, burns, cuts and stings of insects use pure or divorced solution of Argolayfom;
  • At a SARS apply Argolayf in a nose in pure form or in cultivation in the ratio 1:1. Treatment is carried out to an absolute recovery, usually for 5-7 days, digging in on 1-2 drop of solution three times a day. At use in a nose Argolayf has the drying effect;
  • At treatment of candidiasis Argolayf in cultivation 1:5 or 1:6 in water or weak solution of baking soda is applied for 10 days in the form of syringings. Apply trays with Argolayf to treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases of the sexual sphere, having parted 10 drops of drug on 100 ml of water with addition of 10-15 drops of oil of a tea tree. Treatment is carried out in the second phase of a menstrual cycle for 10-15 days. At an erosion of a neck of uterus, vaginita and colpitises Argolayf in cultivation 1:5 with water use for tampons. Treatment duration – up to 2 weeks;
  • At gastritis, a duodenitis and a peptic ulcer of a stomach for 10 days Argolayf accept inside twice a day on 1 teaspoon divorced in a glass of water for an hour to food;
  • At treatment of fungal infections of nails Argolayf apply as the accompanying therapy, processing the affected nails solution twice a day. Treatment is usually long, from 4 to 6 months;
  • At chronic purulent conjunctivitis, barley and a helcoma Argolayf according to the instruction part 1:1 with water and dig in on 1-2 drop to five times a day. At stomatitises and ulites Argolayf in the same cultivation use for lotions on a gingiva. Therapy duration – 5-10 days.В некоторых случаях Арголайф применяют разведенным с водой

Also Argolayf according to reviews stimulates recovery and exchange processes in skin, improves microcirculation, raises a tone and renders the rejuvenating effect.

Side effects

According to reviews Argolayf does not cause side effects.

Storage conditions

Argolayf is released without medical recipe, the recommended period of storage – 12 months.

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