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Таблетки АримидексАримидекс – the antineoplastic drug used at cancer therapy of a mammary gland at women in a postmenopause.

Form of release and structure

Medicine is produced in the form of round biconvex tablets, coated white color, with an engraving: on one of the parties – "And", on another – "Adx/1" (on 14 pieces in the blister, on 2 blisters in a cardboard pack).

Active ingredient – анастрозол, in 1 tablet – 1 mg.

Auxiliary components: carboxymethylstarch of sodium, magnesium stearate, lactoses monohydrate, povidone, the water purified.

Structure of a cover: a macrogoal 300, a gipromelloza, titanium dioxide, the water purified.

Indications to use

Arimideks's use is directed to decrease in level of oestradiol at women. Drug has no androgenic, progestagenny and oestrogenic activity. Therapeutic action is highly effective in treatment of hormonedependent forms of cancer.

Аримидекс apply to cancer therapy of a mammary gland at women in a postmenopause and also as adjuvant therapy of an early gormonopolozhitelny breast cancer, including after therapy by Tamoxifenum.


  • Renal failure of heavy degree;
  • Liver failure of average and heavy degree;
  • The accompanying therapy by Tamoxifenum;
  • Hypersensitivity to means components;
  • Pregnancy and period of a lactation.

Efficiency and safety of use of Arimideks at children's age is not established.

Drug is not intended for treatment of women in a premenopauza.

Route of administration and dosage

Drug accept long time, orally, without chewing, washing down with water, on 1 tablet once a day, it is desirable at the same time days.

In cases of emergence of signs of progressing of a disease Arimideks's use should be stopped.

As adjuvant therapy drug is recommended to be accepted for 5 years.

Correction of a dose is not required at moderate extent of disturbance of functions of kidneys and easy extent of disturbance of functions of a liver.

Side effects

Аримидекс most often causes inflows, skin rash, a syndrome of a carpal tunnel, nausea and diarrhea, a headache, thinning of hair, an adynamy.

Much less often at use of drug the arthralgia, dryness of a vagina and drowsiness are observed.

Most rare therapy anastrozoly causes vulval bleedings, urticaria, anorexia, a Quincke's disease, vomiting, a hypercholesterolemia, a mnogoformny erythema, an acute anaphylaxis.

Special instructions

Simultaneous use of a medicine with Tamoxifenum reduces therapeutic action of Arimideks. Data on interaction with other antineoplastic means are absent.

It is not necessary to combine administration of drug with the medicines containing estrogen.

Anastrozol in the course of decrease in level of oestradiol is capable to cause reduction of mineral density of bone tissues therefore patients with osteoporosis or risk of its development should carry out assessment of a condition of this indicator both at the beginning of therapy, and in the course of treatment. In case of need, under careful observation of the specialist, prevention and treatment of osteoporosis is carried out.

At difficulty in definition of the hormonal status of the patient, the menopause should be confirmed, having appointed the analysis of blood serum to sex hormones.

There are no reliable data on safety of therapy at long use of drug, and also at treatment of patients with heavy degree of a renal failure or the expressed disturbance of functions of a liver.

At long uterine bleeding against the background of Arimideks's use further therapy needs to be carried out under observation of the gynecologist.

In case of manifestation of such side effects as drowsiness or an adynamy to drive the car or other moving mechanisms, and also to perform the work demanding speed and the accuracy of reactions follows with extra care.


Drugs in which active ingredient is анастрозол (Arimideks's synonyms): Anastera, Anastrozol, Mammozol, Estarizol, Anabrez, Anastreks, Egistrazol, Selana, etc.

Relatives on the influence mechanism the medicines relating to one pharmpodgruppa: Aromeston, Letroza, Letrozole, Letrosan, Letrotera, Femara, Ekstraza, Lestrodeks, Neksazol, Oreta, Estrolet, etc.

Terms and storage conditions

Аримидекс treats drugs of the list "B" and it is released only according to the recipe.

To store in the place unavailable to children, at a temperature up to 30 °C.

Period of storage – 5 years.

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