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Aurobin is the combined drug which is used in a proctology possessing the antibacterial, anesthetizing and antiinflammatory action.

Pharmacological action

Aurobin's use leads to strengthening of a tone and reduction of permeability of vascular walls of a rectum therefore it is successfully used for treatment of diseases of anorectal area.

Pharmacological action of Aurobin is caused by the active ingredients which are its part: Prednisolonum капронат, lidocaine, декспантенол, triclosan

Prednisolonum removes an inflammation and has antiallergic effect, lidocaine eliminates burning and pain, acts as anesthetic of local value. Dekspantenol promotes recovery struck mucous and an epithelium. Triclosan as a part of Aurobin performs function of the antiseptic agent influencing fungi and bacteria.

Form of release of Aurobin

According to the instruction Aurobin release in the form of ointment for rectal, external use.

Indications to use

Ointment Aurobin is effective at such diseases:

  • hemorrhoidal nodes;
  • cracks are proctal;
  • dermatitis and eczema of perianal area;
  • fistula, anus itch;
  • protrusion and phlebectasia of an anus;
  • neuroallergic disease of skin in perineal area

Application instruction of Aurobin

Ауробин мазьAccording to the instruction Aurobin two-four rubles/day apply with a thin layer on an affected area.

At treatment of hemorrhoidal internal nodes ointment is entered into a rectum also by two-four rubles/day. According to reviews Aurobin leads to improvement of a state after the first week of its use.

Side effects of Aurobin

Aurobin can cause side effects of local character: burning, dryness, hypersensitivity and thinning of integuments, irritation, bad healing of wounds. Judging by responses Aurobin at prolonged use can cause a local hirsutism, a purpura, a hypertrichosis, eels, a fungal infection, folliculites, hypopigmentation, a teleangiectasia, a skin atrophy, an intertrigo, contact allergic dermatitis.

When putting ointment Aurobin on the extensive square manifestation of an Icenco-Cushing syndrome, hyperglycemia, increase in pressure, a hypopotassemia, glucosuria, increase in intracranial pressure is possible (high-quality).

At prolonged use of Aurobin on the extensive square because of system influence of lidocaine bradycardia can develop.


According to the instruction Aurobin do not appoint to children aged about one year, at viral, bacterial, fungal infections of integuments, at intolerance of components of ointment, at simultaneous use of lidocaine in connection with other diseases.

Do not apply ointment Aurobin in periorbital area, to treatment of diseases of eyes.

Do not appoint also Aurobin during the breastfeeding, pregnancy (in the first trimester). In the second and third trimesters of pregnancy Aurobin's appointment is possible, but only according to special indications.

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