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Arachnoidal cyst


Arachnoidal cyst - rather widespread high-quality defeat by the central nervous system which is localized within intracranial department of a brain (most widespread) and also in the spinal channel.  As a rule, arachnoidal cysts are located in a subarachnoid space.
Arachnoidal cysts make about 1% of all intracranial new growths. In most cases they are sporadic.

Symptoms of an arachnoidal cyst:

The majority of cysts of an arachnoid membrane proceed asymptomatically. If there are symptoms, then they usually are result of gradual expansion as a result of "Mass Effect". Often such manifestations lead to obstructive hydrocephaly.
The arachnoidal cyst as it is considered, arises because of inborn splitting of an arachnoid membrane. Walls of a cyst consist of the cells of a flat arachnoid membrane forming a thin translucent membrane. In their structure there is no epithelial layer.
Most often (50 - 60%) cysts of an arachnoid membrane are located in an average cranial pole.
Arachnoidal cysts can be localized in any place, including in:
- mezhpolusharny crack
- brain arch
- to a back cranial pole
- tanks
- mostomozzhechkovy coal (planocellular cysts)
- kvadrigeminalny  tanks
- vertebral channel (arachnoidal myelocysts)
- ventricles (intra ventricular arachnoidal cysts)
- to the suprasellyarny tank (suprasellyarny arachnoidal cysts)
Eventually arachnoidal cysts can force out the next structures of a brain, and at further progressing even to exert impact on structure of a bone.
Tsisternografiya (introduction of contrast to a subarachnoid space) shows communication of a cyst with a subarachnoid space. In the presence of communication contrast  goes slowly, cysts are often filled later.
MRT. Distinctive feature of arachnoidal cysts from epidermal is their fullness cerebrospinal fluid. Their walls very thin and often are not visible at the MRT-research, and existence  of an arachnoidal cyst can be suspected on dislocation of surrounding structures.

The contrast research can be used not only for definition whether the cyst with a subarachnoid space is reported, but also to define location of this communication.

Арахноидальная киста головного мозга

Arachnoidal cyst of a brain

Treatment of an arachnoidal cyst:

Arachnoidal cyst are a high-quality new growth, and in most cases remains asymptomatic during all life. However, if the cyst causes any symptoms, it is necessary to carry out an operative measure. Surgical treatment is carried out in the form of  a craniotrypesis or formation of the tsistoperitonealny shunt.
Differential diagnosis of an arachnoidal cyst should be carried out with an epidermoid cyst, a subdural hygroma, chronic subdural bleeding, a pilotsitarny astrocytoma, a hemangioblastoma, not tumoral cysts, cystous tumors from the remained embryonal tube, neuroglia cysts, neurocysticercosis.

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