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Cardiovascular neurosis


Cardiovascular neurosis — the nervous disease which is one of frequent forms of display of the general neurosises from internals.

Иннервация сердца

Heart innervation

Symptoms of Cardiovascular neurosis:

Clinical displays of cardiovascular neurosis differ in a set various unpleasant subjective feeling while objective changes from cardiovascular system either are absent, or are only very poorly expressed.
The main symptoms of cardiovascular neurosis are: the feeling of serdtsebiyeniye which sometimes is followed by the valid increase of pulse; feelings of interruptions in cardiac performance in the form of its dying down, in the form of loss of separate cordial reductions; pains which, contrary to pains at stenocardia, usually have the pricking character arise in the field of a heart top (i.e. approximately about a nipple). Pains are connected most often with disorders, various experiences.
At pains, serdtsebiyeniye and interruptions the fear of death can be noted. It is necessary to mention "cardiac attacks" (as they are usually called by patients), which very much disturb both patients, and their people around. Beginning various feelings from heart (heartbeat, dying down, pain) or from the head (pain, heavy feeling or emptiness), they are shown further by the general weakness, a cold snap of extremities, a shiver, a semiconscious state etc. Patients are pale at this time, integuments, especially extremities, are cold, pulse is speeded up. By the end of an attack sweat and erubescence appears.
All described subjective feelings at cardiovascular neurosises though in any degree do not threaten the patient's life, are very burdensome for him and therefore often are the reason of decrease in working capacity.

Reasons of Cardiovascular neurosis:

Disorder of function of the central nervous system is the cornerstone of cardiovascular neurosis. In addition to mental experiences and retension, in developing of cardiovascular neurosis the large role is played by dysfunctions of some hemadens (increase in function of a thyroid gland, fading of function of ovaries in a climacteric and so forth). At hypersensitivity of the autonomic nervous system also usual poisonings — an alcohol abuse, smoking, the use of strong coffee, tea and so forth matter.
Cardiovascular neurosis meet at women more often that is explained by balance, less steady at them, between work of endocrine glands and the autonomic nervous system. With cardiovascular neurosis girls, and also women in a climacteric, men aged after 50 years often get sick that is promoted, probably, also by the joining atherosclerosis.

Treatment of Cardiovascular neurosis:

Prevention matches prevention of the general neurosises: the rational mode of life — work, rest, a dream, food is extremely important. An organism hardening since the childhood, spstematichesky exercises.
The large role is played by the correct relation of the patient to the disease and elimination of the representation which is available usually for such patients that they — "warm-hearted patients".

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Cardiovascular neurosis:

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