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The atrophy is:
1) reduction of the sizes of body or fabric with disturbance (termination) of their function; can be the general (cachexia) and local; physiological (for example, an atrophy of gonads when aging) and pathological.
2) Figuratively - obtusion, loss of any feeling.

Atrophy symptoms:

It is characterized by disturbance or the termination of function of bodies (fabrics), quite often is followed by reduction in sizes of any body (fabric) of an organism, various degree of deficit of body weight.
At senile age the physiological atrophy of fabrics and bodies is observed: also internals decrease in volume of a muscle, skin becomes thinner and loses the elasticity.

The atrophy of fabrics occurs also at the general starvation, and also at local disturbance of food owing to a circulatory disturbance, for example because of narrowing and obstruction of blood vessels.

Usually parenchymatous fabric atrophies, and interstitial connecting fabric, on the contrary, expands, as if replacing the empty seat formed owing to a parenchyma atrophy.

This substitution of working fabric connecting can cause even increase in body in the volume. Such hypertrophy (see below) is called false.

The atrophy  can  come  owing to  inaction  of body.

If muscles do not work, they atrophy, for example at the patient at long lying in a bed.

The atrophy is observed at defeat of a nervous system, for example at paralyzes. In such cases it occurs owing to inaction of the paralyzed body, the main image as a result of disturbance or the termination of function of the trophic nerves regulating a metabolism and food of fabrics.
Also the fabrics and bodies which are exposed to constant pressure atrophy, for example the growing tumor causes an atrophy of the next fabrics, even such strong as bone.
The atrophy if the cause which caused it is not removed, leads of fabrics to death.

Atrophy reasons:

The atrophy arises both owing to the hereditary reasons, and as a result of a long inactive condition of an organism, insufficiency of food, action of disturbing factors.

Treatment of the Atrophy:

Treatment of a basic disease is carried out.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Atrophy:

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