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Hypoplasia of kidneys


Hypoplasia of a kidney carry to anomalies of size of kidneys when the kidney decreases in sizes. The hypoplasia of a kidney is characterized by a normal histologic structure and lack of disturbance of renal function. The hypoplasia more often happens unilateral, but it can be noted and on both sides.

Symptoms of the Hypoplasia of kidneys:

On condition of normal functioning of a negiplazirovanny kidney at the person any symptoms of a renal failure are not observed. One kidney or both can be reduced at once.

Гипоплазия почки при ретроградная левосторонняя пиелограмма

Kidney hypoplasia at a retrograde left-side piyelogramma

Reasons of the Hypoplasia of kidneys:

Treats congenital anomalies of development.

Treatment of the Hypoplasia of kidneys:

At a unilateral hypoplasia of a kidney of the patient needs treatment only in the presence of pathological process in it. Usually it is pyelonephritis which quite often is complicated by a granular kidney and arterial hypertension. In this case carry out a nephrectomy.

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