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Sharko's syndrome


The alternating lameness (angina cruris, Sharko's syndrome) - a clinical  syndrome which is characterized by emergence or strengthening of pain (weakness) in legs when walking that forces the patient to stop. Pains pass in rest then it can continue walking.
Risk groups of emergence of a syndrome of Sharko:
    * excessive alcohol intake, smoking
    * excess weight
    * high level of cholesterol in blood
    * heredity, etc.

Symptoms of the Syndrome of Sharko:

Sharko's syndrome (the alternating lameness) - disease state which naturally causes many inconveniences and worsens quality of life.
The alternating lameness - feeling of fatigue, discomfort and an onychalgia when walking (in gastrocnemius muscles and a rump). Sometimes pain is localized in hip muscles, a waist. Pain weakens and calms down after short rest. The alternating lameness can be both unilateral, and bilateral.
Paresthesias and onychalgias, and also the myotonia of shins arising when walking and forcing the patient to stop often. In distal departments of legs vegetovascular and trophic disturbances are usually noted: a Crocq's disease, a skin mramornost, a cold snap of feet, lack of pulse on foot arteries, dystrophic changes of skin and its appendages, also the gangrene of fingers tending to its distribution in the proximal direction is possible.
This syndrome is characterized also dystrophic - degenerative changes of joints and bones: a degeneration of cartilages, a hypertrophy of certain sites of a joint, an exudate in cavities and bone sequesters in a joint, osteophytes, spontaneous fractures of long tubular bones and intra joint changes. Decrease in sensitivity and looseness of joints increase risk of traumatic damages.

Reasons of the Syndrome of Sharko:

The etiology of a syndrome of Sharko is caused by damage of arteries of the lower extremities (obliterating atherosclerosis, a thromboangitis, a peripheral form of a nonspecific aortoarteriit and др). Pain arises owing to insufficient inflow of blood to the working extremity muscles.
The syndrome can be also result of a prelum of a horse tail at a stenosis of the vertebral channel, is more rare - with ischemia of a spinal cord at an arteriovenous malformation of a spinal cord or atherosclerosis of an aorta.

Treatment of the Syndrome of Sharko:

Treatment of the alternating lameness (Sharko's syndrome) consists in treatment of the main source - arteries. The first that will be advised by the doctor to the patient - it is refusal of addictions, decrease in need of weight, a diet.
The special complex of physical exercises by the principle "to move to win against pain".
Also use of various medicamentous drugs belongs to conservative methods of treatment. Effect of drugs - analgesic effect, decrease in cholesterol in blood, vasodilating effect and fluidifying of blood.
If necessary surgical methods of treatment which are generally directed to expansion of a gleam of an artery by introduction in it of a catheter, or on creation of "an additional artery" bypassing the narrowed site of an artery - shunting are applied.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Syndrome of Sharko:

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