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Hairy polyp of a throat


The hairy polyp - an inborn tumor, proceeds more often from a back surface of a soft palate or a sidewall of a throat.

Reasons of a hairy polyp of a throat:

One authors consider that hairy polyps are result of the wrong growth of embryonal fabrics, i.e. the remains of germinal parts of the same fruit. Others see in them epignatichesky education when the second fruit which remained rudimentary and low-differentiated, joins more developed twin (the parasitizing malformation).


At a histologic research fatty tissue which included embryonal rests and cartilaginous chips is found.

Symptoms of a hairy polyp of a throat:

Hairy polyps proceed most often from a back surface of a soft palate or a sidewall of a nasopharynx. In most cases the hairy polyp was observed at the left.

Hairy polyps are found in the first days of life in connection with disturbance of breath and difficulty of suction. They have a long leg, often jump out an oral cavity, especially during crying, and then still more complicate breath. A form their roundish, they are covered with skin with gentle hairs - a down. Microscopically polyps consist mainly of fatty weight and randomly mixed remains of fabrics of all three germinal leaves. Quite often cartilage elements - the rest of an embryonal cartilage of the second branchiate arch are found.

The polyp complicates breath and suction.

Treatment of a hairy polyp of a throat:

Treatment is operational. The polyp is taken nippers and it is how possible remove in an oral cavity. The leg it is tied up a ligature and cut. Bleeding at the same time does not happen.

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