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Throat papillomatosis


Papillomatosis of a throat are the tumorous epithelial growths having tendency to a recurrence during surgical removal.

Throat Papillomatosis symptoms:

Throat papillomatosis at early children's age – a life-threatening disease. It is shown by hoarseness, a stridor, respiratory insufficiency.

At adults the throat papillomatosis usually proceeds easily.

Папилломатоз гортани при ларингоскопии

Throat papillomatosis at a laringoskopiya

Throat Papillomatosis reasons:

In most cases papillomas have a virus etiology that was proved by a number of authors who managed to reproduce this tumor by autoinoculation of its filtrate. Believe also that the papillomatosis is the peculiar diathesis which is shown only at some persons in individual predisposition to it. It is impossible to exclude in developing of this disease and a role of androgenic hormones, than it is probably possible to explain emergence it only at boys. A number of authors in a pathogeny of a papillomatosis see uneven age development of various fabrics making a morphological basis of papilloma.

Treatment of the Papillomatosis of a throat:

There is no effective method of therapy of this disease. In recent years are applied ultrasonic therapy and ультрафонофорез corticosteroid drugs. The technique of a labiln, intensity — 0,4 W/cm2, is affected area of voice folds (10 sessions 5 — 8 min.). With the same purpose the iodine electrophoresis on area of a throat and trachea within 20 min., 15 — 20 procedures is recommended.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Papillomatosis of a throat:

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