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Berylliosis of lungs - the pneumoconiosis caused by dust or vapors of metal beryllium (Be) and its connections - oxides (VEO), beryllium fluoride (BeF2), etc. which have high toxicity. The berylliosis meets more often at the working at a factory of beryllium from ore or its alloys. Beryllium alloys with magnesium, copper, aluminum are used for production of especially firm, not sparkling pritreniya details therefore beryllium is widely applied in instrument making and aviation - the equipment. Beryllium is a source of neutrons which it lets out under action and - particles and at - beams.

Berylliosis symptoms:

Usually the berylliosis develops gradually; the first symptoms can be shown in 10-20 years after contact with beryllium. At some people the disease develops suddenly, usually in the form of an inflammation of connecting tissue of lungs (pneumonitis). At an acute berylliosis cough, difficulty and reduction of depth of breath, pain in a breast, loss in weight begin. Eyes and skin can be surprised. At a chronic form in lungs growth of pathological fabric begins, lymph nodes increase, cough and short wind develop gradually.

Berylliosis reasons:

On an organism the change of protein metabolism leading to development of autoimmune process is the cornerstone of effect of beryllium. An essential role in a pathogeny of a disease is played by an organism sensitization the compounds of beryllium having gaptenny properties than explain development of a granulomatosis.

Treatment of the Berylliosis:

The acute berylliosis can proceed rather hard and in certain cases even lead to death. However most of patients gradually recovers though first the state happens heavy as lungs lose elasticity. At the correct treatment, in particular, at connection to the medical ventilator and purposes of corticosteroids, patients usually recover for 10-12 day without effects.

If lungs are considerably injured by a chronic berylliosis, load of heart increases and all conditions for development of heart failure are created.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Berylliosis:

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