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Asthma (диспноэ) is the unpleasant feeling which is followed speeded up or complicated by breath. An asthma can be sudden (acute) or gradual, during a certain span (a chronic current). Shortage of oxygen is the reason of an asthma.

Мышцы, принимающие участие в акте дыхания

The muscles which are taking part in the act of breath

Asthma reasons:

Sudden severe short wind is one of the most common causes on which people call the ambulance.
Asthma can be observed at any person after an intensive exercise stress or in the presence of excess body weight. But an unpleasant asthma which arises suddenly or unexpectedly can be connected with a serious basic disease. It can be pneumonia, bronchial asthma, lung cancer and heart troubles. All these factors can strike any age group and a heavy asthma always needs medical care.

Acute asthma can be caused by the following states: bronchial asthma, pneumonia, HOZL, cardiovascular diseases, pulmonary embolism, alarm, etc.
Chronic asthma can be observed at obesity, bronchial asthma, HOZL, heart failure, arrhythmias, anemia.

Asthma symptoms:

Asthma can be estimated by means of mark system which estimates the following indicators:
There is no asthma.
Asthma from vigorous physical loading.
Walking on a slope up.
Walking at normal speed on a flat surface.
The person is forced to stop when walking on a flat surface.
Asthma at rest.

Treatment of the Asthma:

Treatment will depend from a probable cause of an asthma. Neobkhodm refusal of smoking, consultation of the cardiologist and pulmonologist.
What can you make if you feel a short wind attack?
- Try not to panic if it is possible.
- You call in ambulance if an asthma arose suddenly and without the visible reasons.
- Call the district doctor.
- If you have asthma, use an inhaler according to the instruction.
- Breathe in a paper package.
What do you should do next?

For a solution it is necessary to find an asthma origin. So an asthma is most often observed at smokers, it is necessary to leave off smoking. If you support normal weight and regularly carry out physical exercises, you have less chances to get an asthma.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Asthma:

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