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Angioma — the benign tumor developing from circulatory (hemangioma) or lymphatic (lymphangioma) vessels. At children growth of a tumor which then stops is observed.

Angioma symptoms:

The real angioma meets in two types — in the form of a simple angioma and in the form of a cavernous vascular tumor.

The simple angioma represents flat or slightly sublime tumor dark cherry till steel-blue color, consisting of the expanded, gyrose and curtailed like a corkscrew hair vessels. These are mostly inherent tumors known under the name of birthmarks. Are observed preferential on a forehead and cheeks and can reach palm size. Cavernous angiomas represent the straining, pulsing tumors of dark-purple color similar to the typical bulking-up body tissues. Their structure such is that blood is given to their wide cavernous cavities by very narrow arteries and is taken away from them by wide veins. Meet preferential in a liver of elderly people, and also in fatty tissue of an eye-socket and in bones. The angioma can cause severe bleedings, and therefore it is better to remove it with artificial means.

Внешний вид ангиомы

Outward of an angioma

Angioma reasons:

This tumor always inborn that is confirmed by their preferential localization on places of embryonal crevices.

Treatment of the Angioma:

Treatment of simple angiomas — X-irradiation, cauterization by carbonic acid or surgical excision within healthy fabrics. Cavernous angiomas — method of surgical excision or radium application. Branchy hemangiomas also treat quickly: make underrunning and bandaging of the bringing vessels and excision of large trunks.

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