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The hemangioma is an option of a benign tumor, developing from vessels. There are data that each person throughout the life has one or several forms of benign vascular tumors, but, as a rule, they proceed asymptomatically and do not demand treatment. The share of hemangiomas among benign tumors of sufficient is big and makes about 25%. The vast majority of cases of diagnosing of hemangiomas are the share of children's age. There is a division of hemangiomas on area of localization: hemangiomas of skin, hypodermic cellulose and mucous membranes, hemangiomas of various parenchymatous bodies (first of all liver) and hemangiomas of bodies of a musculoskeletal system.  

Hemangioma reasons:

Original origins of hemangiomas are unknown. There are statements about developing of this benign tumor as a result of adverse exogenous effect, first of all, ecological that involves failure of immune system of a fruit. Other theory says about the use by future mother of medicines during pregnancy, as about the etiopatogenetichesky  reason of a vascular hyperplasia. Also influence of a hormonal background is not excluded that is based on observations of development of a hemangioma preferential at girls and at premature newborns.

Hemangioma symptoms:

The most widespread option of a hemangioma is the vascular hyperplasia of covers. More often the area of the person where the purple or red spot which is a little rising over the level of not affected skin is found is surprised. Sometimes the tumor reaches the huge sizes, taking a half or the most part of the person that steadily leads to functional and cosmetic shortcomings. On the lower extremities the hemangioma of muscles or hypodermic cellulose quite often is found. Here the benign tumor tends to the infiltrative growth and diffusion distribution. Visually integuments can be not changed. At mechanical influence (pressing by a finger) the hemangioma turns pale, decreases, at the influence termination - again gets saturated coloring due to filling with blood. The pulsation of a hemangioma and listening of auskultativny noise over it testifies to the message of a tumor with a large artery. The hemangioma is characterized by rapid growth. If at the birth of the child the dot hemangioma is found, it means that in several months owing to rapid growth the tumor can already reach the big sizes. Besides, the hemangioma is dangerous by development of complications - ulcerations, phlebitis, fibrinferments, bleedings and infection.

Гемангиома нижней конечности у ребенка

Hemangioma of the lower extremity at the child

Покровная гемангиома

Cover hemangioma

Treatment of the Hemangioma:

The following methods of treatment of hemangiomas are applied: surgical intervention, cryotherapy, injections of sclerosing drugs, electrothermic coagulation, method of radiation therapy. Therapy of a hemangioma has to be carried out to the earliest terms. Most often apply operational treatment of a hemangioma, especially it is justified at cover localization of a tumor. Excision of a hemangioma is the main and most radical method of treatment. At big hemangiomas the defect which is formed after excision is closed by free skin plastics. At hemangiomas which cannot be in one step removed it is made from step-by-step removal. At excision of hemangiomas at small children it is necessary to be very careful as they are very sensitive to insignificant blood loss. Very dangerous operation because of a possibility of severe bleeding is excision of a hemangioma (especially branchy and cavernous) muscles.

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