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Dermatosis – the general name of skin diseases, various on the clinical picture and generating to their reasons.

Psoriasis and neurodermatitises of a various origin, are a dermatosis most of which often meets. All these diseases can arise against the background of neurologic frustration, genetic predisposition, the available diseases of endocrine and immune systems.

      At decrease in body resistance there is a development of a virus, fungal and pustulous dermatosis. One of representatives of this group of a dermatosis is a mange. It arises at infection of skin at a sting of a tick.

      The majority of a dermatosis are a consequence of symptoms of diseases of internals. Effects of direct influence of internals on the general condition of skin, it can be expressed in its pale look at anemia and yellowing at hepatitis. On skin various disturbances at a metabolism are displayed - at a diabetes mellitus (a skin itch, a furunculosis), at a vitamin deficiency (discoloration). Various skin rashes often develop at patients at whom the system of blood formation is broken (lymphoma, leukoses, lymphogranulomatoses). Carious teeth, chronic antritises, tonsillitis promote development of psoriasis, small tortoiseshell, a lupus erythematosus of an exudative erythema and an other dermatosis.

      Meet also inborn skin diseases which can arise at pre-natal penetration of an infection (inborn syphilis), or genetically are (hereditarily) caused. Each type of a disease has the characteristic picture which needs to be considered, establishing the diagnosis.

Dermatosis symptoms:

At various age stages of the person the dermatosis can have various clinical features. So, the dermatosis which arises at children's age can be characterized by frequent displays of hereditary skin diseases and inborn defects.

      During puberty vulgar eels, seborrhea are typical. The scabby disease at children is shown on shins, soles, shins, at babies sometimes even on a face that does not occur at adults. At children psoriasis generally passes easier, than at adults, however is allocated with the expressed exudation.

      For more advanced age are inherent - senile dermatitis which develops after 40-50 years (a keratoma, a skin atrophy, senile warts, a skin hemosiderosis, etc.). Pyogenic bacteria (pyococci), mostly streptococci and staphylococcus which are in the surrounding nature everywhere - on the surface of skin, use objects, clothes, in air can be causative agents of all these diseases. But they can cause a disease in case of damage of an integument and at reduction of immunity of an organism. It is possible to refer production and household microtraumatism (pricks, cuts, attritions, grazes), overheating, overcooling, pollution to factors which contribute to it, etc.

      One of widespread groups of a dermatosis, fungus skin diseases are, among them there are diseases which are characterized - the contageousness (expressed by transmissibility). Some separate groups create the diseases capable to be generated by drozhzhepodobny fungi, the nails striking generally, feet, skin folds, trunk skin. Their development is promoted by an exercise stress, perspiration, irrational clothes, non-compliance with rules of personal hygiene, etc.

      Infection with them is possible in the general shower, baths, saunas, pools. Viral infectious infections take the essential place in infectious diseases of skin. The herpes infection, a mollusk contagious, warts concern to them. An oncological dermatosis makes considerable group in the diagnostic relation, capable to development at a malignant new growth of internals and often is their first symptoms.

Dermatosis reasons:

The dermatosis can appear as a result of influence of the external and internal reasons at any age. For a long time proceeding inflammatory and infectious diseases, pathologies of a metabolism of endocrine system, an allergy, a disease of blood vessels and blood, intoxication as a result of poisoning or long fever carry to internal factors.

      Can be external factors which promote emergence of a dermatosis - mechanical damages, chemical components of household purpose, cosmetics, stings of insects, contact with stinging plants, professional allergens, piercing, tattoos and of river.

      Sometimes emergence of a dermatosis is possible at stresses, endocrine pathologies, diseases of digestive tract and other diseases which accompany a disease and are capable to undermine immune system of an organism.

Treatment of the Dermatosis:

Treatment of a dermatosis has to be the general (symptomatic, pathogenetic, etiological) and local. The pharmacological means applied outwardly generally reveal symptomatic action - antiinflammatory, keratolytic, destroying, antipruritic, depigmenting, anti-sclerosing, repigmentiruyushchy, stimulating regenerative processes, and also etiological (antiparasitic, antibacterial, antifungal).

      Applying special dosage forms (lotions, solutions, powders, creams, ointments, pastes, jellies, the shaken-up suspensions, soaps, glues, varnishes, plasters) there is an opportunity to a dosage of pharmacological means, to regulate their depth
penetrations into skin, and due to physical properties of dosage forms to have symptomatic therapeutic effect.

      The physical therapy, dietotherapy, and also sanatorium treatment is widely applied. The group of the drugs possessing dermatotropic influence is distinguished from a considerable variety of pharmacological drugs. Drugs have specifics of influence of active agents, to cause influence on skin cells in all layers that successfully allows to apply them as a part of complex therapy of a dermatosis.

      For identification of the infectious nature of a disease it is required purposes of an antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral orientation. Development of a dermatosis, practically is always followed by manifestation of inflammations which are successfully stopped by means of drugs of group of glucocorticosteroids. During action of a number of drugs, there is an acceleration of processes of a reparation of covers of skin, their recovery and clarification. The choice of each medicine, a way and form of its introduction is appointed by the doctor taking into account a stage of development of a disease, its specifics, gender and age of the patient, and also existence of other diseases.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Dermatosis:

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