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Contact dermatitis


Simple contact dermatitis is the inflammation caused by substances which directly injure skin. The longer the contact of skin with such irritant continues, the reaction to this substance will be expressed stronger. Visible changes of a condition of skin can be noticeable:
    * in a few minutes after contact with strong irritants (such as acids);
    * in several days of continuous contact with weak, most often household, irritants (laundry detergents, soap, cleaners, even water).

Symptoms of Contact dermatitis:

Allergic contact dermatitis develops in the form of the rashes accompanied with an itch in several hours after you touched the substance causing in you allergic reaction. Rash and an itch often pass independently in several days after skin was isolated from contact with allergen.
Simple contact dermatitis. That how strong will be irritation, directly depends on several factors:
    * chemical properties of substance irritant;
    * its quantity and concentration;
    * frequency and duration of contact with this substance;
    * type and susceptibility of skin;
    * environment conditions (temperature, humidity).

Reasons of Contact dermatitis:

Allergic contact dermatitis is the postponed reaction of hypersensitivity of an organism to contact of skin with alien substance, this reaction is result of the response of immune system to "invasion".
Contact dermatitis has an allergic and not allergic etiology.
Allergens which can be the reason of contact dermatitis:
    * biological;
    * chemical.

Treatment of Contact dermatitis:

    *  if you already have contact dermatitis, first of all you need to find out, the contact with what substance was an incitement to developing of this disease. Until substance irritant is not established, any treatment can be inefficient;
    * when substance catalyst of dermatitis is revealed, try to isolate yourself from direct contact with this substance or, at least, to minimize it. Follow instructions of the dermatologist at the choice of medicines for treatment of contact dermatitis;
    * always use protective gloves during the work with dangerous chemicals;
    * try to use protective (barrier) cream during the work with household chemicals, various paints, glues, during the work with the soil (in a garden or a kitchen garden), and also if specifics of your work demand frequent washing of hands.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Contact dermatitis:

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