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Dermatitis is a group of inflammatory defeats of integuments which develop under the influence of the internal and external reasons of the chemical, physical or biological nature.

Dermatitis reasons:

Allergic dermatitis is genetically caused process, and at different persons he is called by various substances. The most widespread irritating substance is the poisonous ivy and a poisonous oak. In the USA allergic dermatitis is the most widespread display of an allergy which is registered practically at every second resident of the country.
Flowers, herbs and vegetables can also influence skin of some people. Sunblisters and suntan increase risk of development of dermatitis.
Chemical irritants which can lead to dermatitis:
- chlorine
- detergents and soap
- fabric softeners
- the glue used on artificial nails
- perfumery
- medicines
Contact dermatitis can develop both at the first contact with substance, and after its long-term use. Atopic dermatitis can be caused by an allergy, asthma or a stress against the background of genetic predisposition to atopic reactions. Sometimes reaction to the nickel which is contained in jewelry is the reason. Seborrheal dermatitis can be also genetically caused. It develops against the background of hyperproduction of skin fat sebaceous glands. It can be connected with a diabetes mellitus, an allergy to gold or deficit of biotin.

Dermatitis symptoms:

Pruritic pink or red rashes are characteristic of the majority of types of dermatitis. Contact dermatitis is allergic reaction to an irritant. It is shown by the single red rashes which are followed by hypostasis and an itch. The first displays of contact dermatitis are observed within 48 hours after contact with the irritating substance. The similar state meets at adults more often, than at children. Contact dermatitis can arise on any part of a body, but is usually observed on hands, legs and in inguinal area. Contact dermatitis usually is not transmitted from one person to another and did not extend for area of influence of the irritating substance. Nevertheless, in case of some irritants, such as a poisonous ivy, contact dermatitis can be transmitted to other person or extend to other part of a body.
Atopic dermatitis is characterized by an itch, a peeling, hypostasis, and sometimes and an enanthesis. In the early childhood atopic is called children's eczema and it is characterized by reddening, moknutiy and formation of crusts on skin. Process is usually localized on face skin, internal area of an elbow bend and under knees.
Seborrheal dermatitis can be dry or wet. The disease is characterized by yellowish crusts on a pilar part of the head, on centuries, the person, the external surface of ears, armpits, a breast and in inguinal area.

Аллергический дерматит у ребенка

Allergic dermatitis at the child

Сыпь при аллергическом дерматите

Rash at allergic dermatitis

Типичная локализация сыпи при атопическом дерматите

Typical localization of rash at atopic dermatitis


The diagnosis of dermatitis is made on the basis of the characteristic of rash and the anamnesis of a disease. The doctor can carry out rash scraping on an affected area of skin for microscopic examination. Before a research the patient has to stop use of any potential irritant to which contacted recently.
If the reason of irritation cannot be established anamnesticly, then the dermatologist can offer the patient one or several allergotest which consist in applying of a small amount of the suspected irritant on back skin. If the patient does not react to one irritant, in several days apply another. Process continues while allergic reaction on site of the appendix of an irritant is not diagnosed for the patient.

Treatment of Dermatitis:

inflammation and corticosteroid ointments and creams can remove irritation on skin. Cosmetic creams, lotions, ointments can strengthen irritation. For the purpose of reduction of an itch peroral forms of antihistaminic drugs are recommended. Antibiotics are necessary at accession of an infection.
People who have dermatitis in the anamnesis have to remove rings before washing of hands. It is better to use soap on the basis of glycerin. Also heat baths with sea water will be useful.
You should not wipe skin after bathing carefully, to drain it the getting wet movements better. Highly concentrated drugs of a cortisone should not be put on a face, armpits, a groin or rectal area. Periodic medical control is necessary for identification of side effects at people who use such drugs for treatment of the rash covering big body parts.
Shampoo with coal tar can be used at the seborrheal dermatitis localized on a pilar part of the head. It is necessary to avoid influence of the sun after use of these shampoos as the risk of sunblisters of head skin increases.
At dermatitis also phytotherapy can be useful.
Among phytodrugs the following is most often recommended:
- burdock root;
- calendula ointment;
- ointment with extract a camomile of medicinal (MatricariaRecutita);
- oil of a primrose of vespers (Oenotherabiennis);
- nettle gonochoristic.
Bathtubs with oat broth are useful to elimination of an itch. At a moknutiya bentonite or any other medical clay is applied.
At seborrheal dermatitis the positive effect gives purpose of selenium, topical administration of linseed oil and/or olive oil, and additives with biotin.


Contact dermatitis can be prevented by elimination of a source of irritation. If the irritant cannot be completely eliminated, the person has to wear gloves and other protective clothes at contact with it.

At contact with a poisonous ivy, a poisonous oak or sumakhy it is necessary to wash out at once the field of contact by clear water with soap, than it is possible to stop allergic reaction.
The people inclined to development of dermatitis have to wear the free, not constraining movements clothes from cotton. After washing the clothes need to be rinsed carefully to get rid of detergents on it.
The yoga and other methods of a relaxation can help to prevent the atopic dermatitis caused by a stress. Elimination of the increased perspiration can help with prevention of seborrheal dermatitis.
The person having dermatitis has to see urgently a doctor if:
- fever joins symptoms of dermatitis;
- arise signs of infection of the center of dermatitis;
- symptoms of dermatitis do not decrease for 7 days of adequate therapy;
- the patient came into contact with the persons having warts, herpes or other viral infections of skin

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Dermatitis:

  • Препарат Д-Пантенол (крем).

    D-panthenol (cream)

    Regeneranta and reparant.

    Stada Arzneimittel ("STADA Artsnaymittel") Germany


  • Препарат Бетаспан.


    Glucocorticosteroids for system use.

    JSC Pharmak Ukraine

  • Препарат Д-Пантенол (мазь).

    D-panthenol (ointment)

    Regeneranta and reparant.

    Stada Arzneimittel ("STADA Artsnaymittel") Germany

  • Препарат Дексаметазон.



    JSC Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plant AKRIKHIN Russia


  • Препарат Диазолин(драже).

    Diazolinum (dragee)

    Antiallergic means — H1-histamine of receptors a blocker.

    JSC Pharmak Ukraine

  • Препарат Малавит.


    Drugs which are used at throat diseases. Antiseptic agents.

    Russia "Malavit"

  • Препарат Троксерутин 2%.

    Trokserutin of 2%

    Venotoniziruyushchy and venoprotektorny means.

    JSC Biokhimik Republic of Mordovia

  • Препарат Живокоста (окопника) мазь.

    Zhivokosta (comfrey) ointment

    Drugs for topical administration at joint and muscular pain.

    "Vishpha" Ukraine

  • Препарат Акридерм® ГК.

    Акридерм® group of companies

    Glucocorticosteroid for topical administration + an antibiotic + antifungal means

    JSC Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plant AKRIKHIN Russia


  • Препарат Цианокобаламин (B12).

    Cyanocobalamine (B12)

    The means influencing system of blood and a hemogenesis.

    CJSC Pharmaceutical Firm Darnitsa Ukraine


  • Препарат Флоцета.


    Dermatotropic means.

    BELUPO, Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics, d.d. Republic of Croatia

  • Препарат Молескин.


    Corticosteroids for topical administration in dermatology.

    JSC Pharmak Ukraine

  • Препарат Неоклер.


    Antihistaminic drugs.

    Biofarm Ltd Biofarm Ltd, Poland

  • Препарат Содерм.


    Corticosteroids for use in dermatology.

    Dermapharm AG (Dermafarm) Germany

  • Препарат Деласкин.


    Dermapharm AG (Dermafarm) Germany

  • Препарат Триакорт®.


    Glucocorticosteroid for topical administration.

    JSC Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plant AKRIKHIN Russia

  • Препарат Гиоксизон.


    Antibiotic - tetracycline + a glucocorticosteroid.

    Stada Arzneimittel ("STADA Artsnaymittel") Germany

  • Препарат Акридерм® ГЕНТА .

    Акридерм® GHENT

    Glucocorticosteroid for topical administration + an antibiotic.

    JSC Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plant AKRIKHIN Russia

  • Препарат Сультасин.


    Antibiotic of group of penicillin of a broad spectrum of activity with inhibitor beta лактамаз.

    JSC Sintez Russia

  • Препарат Масло эфирное пихтовое 10 мл.

    Fir essential oil of 10 ml

    Dietary supplements.

    CJSC Lekhim-Kharkiv Ukraine

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