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Toksikodermiya — the enanthesis and/or mucous membranes arising in an effect of reception of medicinal products (intake, parenterally, at inhalation). Risk of development of a toksikodermiya at purpose of HP - 0,3%.

Toksikodermiya's symptoms:

General manifestations:
- Emergence on 5 — 12 days in an effect of the beginning of reception of a product
- Defeat both skin, and mucous membranes
- As a rule, reaction to repeated reception of a product.
The most frequent manifestations:
- Small tortoiseshell.
- Korepodobny (spotty and papular) rashes (most often appear in an effect of use of barbiturates, streptocides, tetracycline) remind clumsy rash, is frequent with tendency to merge. Emergence of the big papules and plaques characteristic for pink is possible depriving.
- The fixed medical rash (it is often caused by reception of oral contraceptives, barbiturates, salicylates, tetracycline, streptocides)
- The isolated, accurately delimited, roundish dark red rashes
- Arises soon in an effect of reception of a product (traditionally in 2 h) and at the repeated use of a product, and it is localized in the same places. Frequent localization at men — a balanus.
- Lichenoid rashes (gold products, antimalarial products, tetracycline) — the polygonal violet papules merging in the shelled spots.
- Volchanochnopodobny erythematic reactions — emergence on a face of the educations similar to those at hard currency.
- The rashes connected with a photosensitization.
- Purple rashes (tiazida, gold products, streptocides, NPVS, tetracycline) — the rashes in the form of lilac or reddish spots of different size which are not disappearing when pressing and traditionally localized on the lower extremities.
- Ugrepodobny rashes (oral contraceptives, glucocorticoids, iodine products, hydantoin derivatives, lithium products) — pustulyarny educations, unlike acne rash are absent comedones. Eczematic rashes are characterized by emergence of bubbles, redness, hypostasis, a peeling and the expressed itch, are located traditionally on the flexion surfaces of upper or lower extremities.
The heaviest manifestations:
- Knotty erythema
- Mnogoformny exudative erythema
- Erythrosis
- Lyell's disease.

Toksikodermiya's reasons:

In the bulk cases the toksikodermiya is caused by an allergy. Development of a sensitization to HP is followed by formation of AT or sensibilized lymphocytes. At repeated contact with allergen the allergic reaction (more often on III or the IV type) accompanied with skin rashes develops. Not immunological reactions can be caused by action of a product (for example, striya when using glucocorticoids, petekhialny высыпаня at overdose of anticoagulants), etc.

Toksikodermiya's treatment:

Specific therapy in the bulk of cases is absent.
At an itch — antihistaminic products, for example дифенгидрамин (Dimedrol) on 25 — 50 mg in 6 h or Hydroxyzinum (Ataraxum) on 10 — 25 mg in 6 — 8 h. Emollients at eczematic reactions. Glucocorticoids locally — at limited eczematic or lichenoid reactions.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for Toksikodermiya's treatment:

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