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Herpes infection (Herpes)


Herpes is the most widespread viral disease which causative agent is VPG, that is a herpes simplex virus. About 90% of the population of the earth have a virus of a herpes simplex, but only at 5% of these people the virus shows disease symptoms, in the others the gerpesny disease proceeds without clinical effects.

Symptoms of the Herpes infection (Herpes):

The latent condition of a virus can remain during all life. The interferon link of immune system is responsible for display of a disease, i.e. intensity of manifestation of a herpes infection depends on its state. The easiest manifestations — scarcely noticeable bubbles on skin, but herpes can be also shown by severe defeats of a nervous system.

HSV (herpes simplex virus) is capable to affect any of bodies. The chronic current and different forms of clinical implication are characteristic of it. The virus of a herpes simplex influences the central nervous system and causes at the same time encephalitis, encephalomyelitis, a myelitis. Affecting eyes, herpes causes a uveitis, a keratoconjunctivitis and a keratitis. In a liver the virus of herpes can cause hepatitis of newborns and adults.  Also herpes affects mucous membranes and skin. Such manifestation the most widespread.

The virus of a herpes simplex extends in the airborne, sexual, contact, transfusion way, and also at organ transplantation. The pregnant woman can transmit to a fruit a virus in the transplacental and transcervical way.

The virus of herpes gets into a nervous system of the person through nerve terminations. In nervous cells he breeds and passes into a latent stage. On the last phase the virus is shown through its replication and migration on nervous cells to the place of herpetic manifestation, a rash.

Herpes can be activated as a result of mental and physical overworks, overcoolings, reception of corticosteroid hormones, periods, mechanical injury or friction of skin, the postponed catarrhal diseases, other immunodeficiency.

The virus of a herpes simplex of the 2nd type is a traditional origin of genital herpes, but recently its place is taken by a virus of herpes of the 1st type because of increase of oral and genital contacts.

Reasons of the Herpes infection (Herpes):

The family of the Herpesviridae viruses can cause the life-threatening diseases, infections recuring diseases, transplacental infections which can be the cause of inborn uglinesses at children.

Now the science knows more than 100 viruses of the Herpesviridae family, but causative agents of diseases are following from them:

    * the virus of a herpes simplex of the 1st type causes labial herpes, that is herpes on lips (HSV-1);
    * the virus of a herpes simplex of the 2nd type is the reason of genital herpes (HSV-2);
    * virus of shingles or chicken pox (Herpes zoster);
    * cytomegalovirus (CMV);
    * Epstein-Barre's (EBV) virus;
    * virus of herpes of the 6th type;
    * virus of herpes of the 7th type;
    * virus of herpes of the 8th type.

Treatment of the Herpes infection (Herpes):

In tactics of treatment of herpes it is possible to allocate the following purposes:

  1. To weaken expressiveness or to reduce duration of such symptoms as an itch, pain, fever and a lymphadenopathy;
  2. To reduce the term of full healing of defeats;
  3. To reduce the frequency and weight of a recurrence;
  4. To reduce duration and expressiveness of excretion of a virus in places of defeat;
  5. To Eliminirovat an infection for prevention of a recurrence.

The most preferable is use of local antiviral means. These means influence directly an etiology – a herpes simplex virus that is their serious advantage before antiseptic agents and the drying drugs. The mechanism of action of antiviral means is connected with overtoping of reproduction of a virus of a herpes simplex.
The local use of antiviral drugs reducing the period of rashes, and also promotes bystreyshy clarification of skin from rash.

Medicamentous means are recommended to be applied to increase in efficiency of treatment at once after emergence of primary harbingers of rashes.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Herpes infection (Herpes):

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