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Hepatitis (Greek   from ἥπαρ — a liver) — the general name of acute and chronic diffusion inflammatory diseases of a liver of various etiology.

Hepatitis symptoms:

The general signs of inflammatory processes in a liver:
1. Fatigue.
2. Sometimes the beginning of hepatitis reminds flu: with fervescence, a headache, a febricula, an ache in a body. As a rule, it is a mask of the beginning viral hepatitis
3. Jaundice — the most known symptom, arises when the bile produced in a liver gets to blood and gives to skin a characteristic yellowish shade. However often there are also anicteric forms of hepatitis.
4. Pains in right hypochondrium as a rule arise owing to liver cover stretching (increase in a liver) or can be connected with a gall bladder and a pancreas. Pains can be as stupid and long, aching, and pristupoobrazny, intensive, can give to the right shoulder and a right shoulder-blade.

Hepatitis reasons:

The liver inflammation (hepatitis) can be caused by various factors (hepatotropic factors) capable to damage a liver parenchyma. Etiotropic classification of hepatitises includes
1. Infectious (viral) hepatitis:
    * Hepatitis A
    * Hepatitis B
    * Hepatitis C
    * Hepatitis D
    * Hepatitis E
    * Hepatitis F
    * Hepatitis G
    * Hepatitises as component: yellow fever, Cytomegaloviral infection, rubella, epidemic parotitis, infection of a virus of Epstein-Barre, various infections of herpes, Lass's fever, AIDS.
    * Bacterial hepatitises: at leptospirosis, syphilis.
2. Toxic hepatitis:
    * Alcoholic hepatitis
    * Medicinal hepatitis
    * Hepatitises at poisoning with various chemicals
3. Beam hepatitis (component of a radial illness)
4. Hepatitises as a result of autoimmune diseases

Treatment of Hepatitis:

Treatment of hepatitis depends on its form. At a viral hepatitis purpose of antiviral drugs, immunoexcitants is reasonable, carry out dezitoksikatsionny therapy.
At autoimmune hepatitises carry out immunosuppressive therapy, appoint glucocorticosteroids.
Bacterial hepatitises treat anti-biobacterial drugs.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Hepatitis:

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