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Loasis (calabar tumor) - chronically proceeding helminthosis which characteristic symptom is migration of puberal parasites in body tissue that causes development of a so-called calabar tumor.

The loasis is widespread only in the countries of the Western and Central Africa. People of any gender are susceptible to a loasis and age, however adult men with black skin are ill more often. By the available estimates, the loasis infected about 12-13 million people.

Loasis symptoms:

At inhabitants of the local centers and at visitors of display of a disease differ. At some part of indigenous people it proceeds asymptomatically, with a mikrofilyariyemiya. In this situation the diagnosis is established only after migration of an adult parasite under a conjunctiva.

The incubation interval usually lasts several years, is occasionally reduced to 4 months. The disease begins with allergic manifestations. On skin there is urtikarny rash, body temperature increases to subfebrile figures, the patient is disturbed by extremity pains, paresthesias. In the subsequent movement of parasites in hypodermic cellulose causes an itch and burning. At penetration of a parasite under a conjunctiva of an eye conjunctivitis with swelling and sharp pains develops a century. At hit of Loa loa in an urethra pains irrespective of an urination develop. Sudden emergence on limited body parts of painless hypostasis which resolves usually within three days is characteristic of a disease, is more rare than several weeks. Skin in the field of hypostasis turns pale or, on the contrary, becomes hyperemic. Hypostases meet in different parts of a body, but most often on extremities. More frequent emergence of tumors in summer hot time is noted. Cases of development in men to a gidrotsela, and also numerous intramuscular abscesses which arise as result of accession of consecutive infection in places of death of adult parasites are described. There are messages on development of symptoms of encephalitis at penetration of parasites into the central nervous system. In peripheral blood the expressed eosinophilia and secondary anemia are noted.

Loasis reasons:

The activator of a loasis is the roundworm of Loa loa. Worms diclinous. The sizes of adult females of 50-70 mm in length, males - 25-35 mm. Thickness of worms makes about 0,25 mm. Adult parasites live in a hypodermic fatty tissue, carry a disease to group of filariases.

Treatment of the Loasis:

Dietilkarbamazepin (8-10 mg/mg/kg/days inside within 21 days). Drug affects both adult worms, and on their larvae. Several courses of treatment are required. At a large number of microfilarias treatment can be followed by strengthening of allergic manifestations, side reactions, including from TsNS. In case of a heavy invasion treatment is recommended to be begun with glucocorticoids (Prednisonum, 40-60 mg/days, inside) and small doses of a dietilkarbamazin (0,5 mg/kg/days). In the absence of side effects the dose of Prednisonum is reduced, and protivogelmintny drug - increased. Preventive reception of a dietilkarbamazin (300 mg inside once a week) prevents infection.

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