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Hypostases at heart diseases develop at the expressed heart failure. Heart does not cope with loading that leads to delay of a blood-groove in a vascular bed and to accumulation of liquid in fabrics, first of all – standing. Simple test: press a finger on front area of a shin over a bone and take 1-2 sec. If after pressing there is slowly disappearing pole, means - there is hypostasis. Other sign - increase of weight at the expense of a liquid delay in an organism.

Symptoms of Hypostases:

The symptomatology depends on a type of hypostasis.

Reasons of Hypostases:

Distinguish cardiac, renal, allergic hypostases.

Treatment of Hypostases:

Treatment of hypostases demands treatment of the disease which was the reason of edematization – compensation of heart failure, treatment of a disease of kidneys, etc.
But there are also general recommendations.

    * It is necessary to limit consumption of salt to 1-1,5 g a day
    * To limit the volume of the consumed liquid to 0,8-1,0 liters a day (including soups)
    * To measure the daily volume of the emitted urine (the volume of the consumed liquid has to correspond approximately to the volume of the emitted urine)
    * To use diuretic drugs strictly to destination and under observation of the doctor as a number of diuretic drugs has property to bring potassium out of an organism. And the lack of potassium causes weakness, disturbances of a rhythm of cordial activity, can cause spasms. Therefore the doctor, limiting reception of salt and appointing diuretics, watches the level of electrolytes in blood, timely adjusting doses of drugs, changing diuretic for a certain period. Self-treatment can strongly do much harm to the patient.
    * Partially it is possible to offset potassium losses consumption of products rich with potassium – raisin, dried apricots, baked potatoes, a dogrose, rice, porridge.

Treatment of heart failure and hypostases, as one of its symptoms, most often process lifelong. It is necessary to pick up the therapy supporting the compensated condition of cardiovascular system and to regularly visit the cardiologist to control process.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Hypostases:

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