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Herpes of newborns


Inborn herpes is an infection which is transmitted to the child during pregnancy or at his birth. The problem is very urgent in respect of prevention as at infection results in mortality in 50% of cases, the probability of an invalidism of newborn children is also high that agree terribly.

Symptoms of Herpes of newborns:

Herpes of newborns can be shown by both easy focal defeat, and a heavy generalized infection with a lethal outcome. Among newborns (more precisely, among babies 6 weeks are younger) the frequency of visceral forms of herpes and herpetic encephalitis is highest.

In the first trimesters of pregnancy the got herpes infection causes changes incompatible with life and leads to abortions and abortion.

At infection in later terms there is also a probability of abortions or early childbirth, but there can be also compensation which leads to development of various changes in a fruit:

  1. From a nervous system: gidro-, nanocephalia, epilepsy.
  2. From a liver: cirrhosis, hepatitis.
  3. From eyes: microphthalmia, cataract, retina dysplasia.
  4. About groans of lungs: pre-natal pneumonia.
  5. From skin: heavy herpetic rashes, stomatitises, ulites.

Also there is a generalized form of development of an infection which can lead to multiorgan disturbances (multiple damages of internals of the child) and in a form reminds displays of neonatal sepsis. Development of a herpes infection in a generalized way leads to severe damages of the central nervous system, a coma and a lethal outcome. It is the most adverse way of development of an infection of inborn herpes.

Reasons of Herpes of newborns:

According to the majority of researches, as the activator in 70% of cases serves  the virus of a herpes simplex of type 2. Infection with it almost always occurs during passing of the child on the infected patrimonial ways, however also inborn herpes - usually at children whose mothers during pregnancy had primary herpes is described.

Infection with a virus of a herpes simplex of type 1 is mostly caused by primary herpes of generative organs at mother which developed at the end of pregnancy and passing of the child on the infected patrimonial ways too. At the same time the newborn can catch this virus also after the birth - the house, as a result of contact with the family member having herpes of the person and oral cavity (including during asymptomatic reactivation of a virus), or in a maternity home.

Вирус герпеса типа 2 - этиологический агент герпеса новорожденных

Virus of herpes of type 2 - the etiological agent of herpes of newborns

Treatment of Herpes of newborns:

Treatment is carried out in a hospital and consists in maintaining an acyclovir intravenously kapelno to the sick child. Also well administration of antiherpetic immunoglobulin helps. If injury of a brain is observed, then introduction of corticosteroids for prevention of a nekrotization of tissue of brain is shown.

In the presence of the localized forms (the separate body is struck) it is possible to recommend administration of antiviral drugs orally (though developers of this recommendation probably did not think of how it can be made concerning the newborn).

As at this form of herpes also vascular frustration are observed, also introduction of dezagregant (the drugs reducing a thrombogenesis) will be shown: curantyl, Cavintonum and other drugs of this row.

Well and an additional range of the symptomatic, immunostimulating drugs it is also necessary to apply, depending on a form and weight of a condition of the little patient.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Herpes of newborns:

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