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The dermatomycosis is a fungal infection which can affect a pilar part of the head, smooth skin of a trunk, nails, feet of legs, inguinal area and face skin on which vegetation is located.

Dermatomycosis symptoms:

Depending on a form of a disease of damage of skin differ by outward and duration of existence.

The dermatomycosis of a pilar part of the head strikes mainly children and is characterized by emergence of the small, gradually extending papules on the head, a peeling, a hair loss on affected areas. On site papules the inflamed, furunkulopodobny nodes can be formed.

The dermatomycosis of smooth skin extends on any sites of skin; at the same time there are flat educations, dry, covered with scales or wet, covered with crusts; in process of their increase the centers of spots are cleared, giving a classical picture of skin in the form of circles.

The dermatomycosis of nails begins usually with tips of one or more nails standing (on hands meets less often) and leads to a gradual thickening of nails, change of their color and a curvature; under nails weight from the died-off cells accumulates. Finally the nail can collapse completely.

The dermatomycosis of feet causes small lamellar peeling of skin and emergence of bubbles between fingers. In hard cases the infection can lead to inflammatory process of all foot with a severe itch and pain when walking.

The dermatomycosis of inguinal area (it is known under the name<солдатский зуд>) is characterized by emergence red, with a clear boundary, the spots raised over the surface of skin in inguinal area which can extend to buttocks, the internal surfaces of hips and external genitals. Heat and close clothes promote reproduction of fungi.

The dermatomycosis of face skin meets seldom and affects face skin at men where vegetation is localized.

Dermatomycosis reasons:

Infection occurs at direct contact or through the contaminated objects, such as footwear, towels or rugs in a bathroom. An infestant - a fungus.

Treatment of the Dermatomycosis:

Activators of dermatomycoses usually react to drugs for external use (for example, кетоконазол). It is necessary to continue topical treatment 2 more weeks after disappearance of symptoms. Dermatomycoses also treat oral means (for example, fulvicin) which are especially effective at dermatomycoses of smooth skin, a pilar part of the head and nails.

The supporting treatment consists in use of open water dressings, removal of crusts and scales, an epidermis loosening by means of keratolytic funds for removal of stratifications from heels and soles.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Dermatomycosis:

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