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Epidermifitiya - the contagious fungus disease of blankets of smooth skin and nail plates caused by mushrooms of a sort of epidermofiton. Hair are not surprised. Distinguish two clinical forms of an epidermophitia: epidermophitia of large folds, or inguinal and epidermophitia of feet.

Epidermophitia symptoms:

Implementation of a fungus happens most often in skin of folds between fingers of feet, and the first symptoms are expressed in emergence of a peeling of a track often imperceptible for the patient. Further on the same places there are bubbles and bubbles filled at first with transparent, is later muddy liquid. Bubbles merge and opened with formation of the inflammatory red, becoming wet sites, painful and pruritic. Skin of fingers in an interdigital fold becomes white, friable, separates layers, in the depth of a fold the crack, a severe itch appears. Further all phenomena abate, there is only an insignificant peeling. However treatment does not come, in a corneous layer of skin fungus life proceeds.

Epidermophitia reasons:

Etiological factor - fungi of a sort of epidermofiton.

Treatment of the Epidermophitia:

Without treatment the epidermophitia accepts a chronic current with aggravations in warm season. The nails affected with a fungus become dim, in their thickness maculas lutea and strips appear, they are thickened, then are loosened and crumble. Pieces of the crumbling nails, just as in scales of skin of feet and interdigital folds, contain threads of a mycelium and disputes of a fungus.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Epidermophitia:

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