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Pityriasis ("scaly peeling") - the general name of a number of acute and chronic diseases of skin. Different types of a pityriasis are not connected with each other, but combined by the general symptom - a peeling of integuments. As multi-colored deprive the multi-colored pityriasis also known, - the most widespread type of a pityriasis. This chronic skin disease developing at adults and proceeding heavier at persons with the weakened immunity. The chronic disease of skin a pityriasis can be followed by a regular peeling of skin of the person.

Pityriasis symptoms:

The red pilar pityriasis is a rare skin disease which is mistakenly taken often for psoriasis. Pathology is most characteristic of adults, however also its hereditary form which is shown at children's age and steady against therapy is known. The reason of this disease is not clear.

The red pilar pityriasis usually proceeds sharply, with the advent of the orange-red shelled rash on a face and a pilar part of the head. These rashes extend to a body and extremities. This state can lead to an erythrosis (reddening and amotio of skin), life-threatening the patient. Between the centers of defeat there are sites of healthy skin. Rash is most expressed in the field of the increased hair follicles. Other symptom - a thickening and yellowing of skin on palms and feet, tendency to formation of painful cracks. Usually duration of a disease makes 1-3 years, treatment, as a rule, includes vitamin A use. Pink deprive - it is the widespread disease developing at teenagers and young people. Its reason is unknown; there are assumptions of the infectious nature of a disease, but there are no confirmations of this hypothesis. Pink deprive it is not infectious.

Pink deprive at initial stages of a disease it is shown in the form of the single element of rash called by "a maternal plaque" (it is the single red shelled area about 2-5 cm in the diameter), usually on a body, hands or an upper part of a hip. "The maternal plaque" is much larger than the rashes developing afterwards. By its such outward the doctor can mistakenly diagnose cutting deprive. Approximately in 10 days after formation of "a maternal plaque" there is a rash typical for pink depriving.

Lichenoid Pityriasis (LP)

  It develops at children and young people more often and is eurysynusic. Distinguish two LP forms - easy, known as chronic LP, and heavier, - an acute lichenoid and varioliformny pityriasis. At easy (to a form there are small, ring-shaped red-brown papules, on a top of each of which there is only, easily dischargeable scale. This type of a pityriasis can be confused with tear-shaped psoriasis. More acute form causes extensive damages after which healing there are scars, similar to those that remain after chicken pox.

Seborrheal eczema

  This quite widespread disease developing at children with atopic dermatitis. On a face and hands pale spots of dry skin with a scabby peeling appear. External manifestations are more distinguishable at black people.

Asbestos pityriasis

This rare chronic complication of eczema or psoriasis striking a pilar part of the head. Here thick sticky scales which can accrue along a hair core accumulate.

Pityriasis reasons:

The microorganism, the pityriasis activator, normal is in hair follicles; many people are carriers of this fungus, but the pityriasis at them does not develop. The diagnosis is confirmed on the basis of the analysis of scrapings from the affected skin. The microscope allows to visualize the activator - a fungus.

Treatment of the Pityriasis:

By the patient pink it is deprived it is not recommended to take a bath (it is possible to wash, but to use for this purpose soft detergents and under a shower). Independently it is not recommended to apply ointments and pastes, it can lead to a bigger spread of rash. Stay in the sun is not recommended, wearing synthetic clothes is forbidden.

For treatment of a disease use of sea-buckthorn, shipovnikovy, hunting and peach oils, a hlorofillipta, a sangviritrina, Romasulonum is recommended; greasing of the centers apple cider vinegar. The milk and vegetable diet is recommended to patients, exclude alcoholic beverages, hot dishes.

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