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The name of this disease in translation from Greek is meant by "fish". And it is valid, skin of the patient is covered with the horn formations of gray color reminding fish scales. As sites of the affected skin are deprived of sweat and sebaceous glands, over time they begin to resemble dry snakeskin.

Ichthyosis symptoms:

In addition to a peculiar keratinization of skin, the ichthyosis is followed by such manifestations as:

•  Disturbances of protein, fatty and standard metabolism,
•  Decrease of the activity of gonads, thyroid gland and adrenal glands,
•  Considerable deterioration in dermal respiration and thermal control,
•  Decrease in immunity.

The ichthyosis is most often shown in one of three forms, each of which has the features:

Ordinary ichthyosis. Its first manifestations are noticeable in the early childhood. Easy degree is characterized by a peeling in the form of bran, and heavy – in the form of thick scales with a diameter about 1 cm. Such massive scales are capable to form ledges and even small thorns. Practically all skin of the patient is affected, and the heaviest disease is observed at teenage age. As a rule, the patient has fine and brittle hair and nails, he has multiple caries, chronic conjunctivitis, short-sightedness, an allergy, asthma and other diseases.

The H-linked recessive ichthyosis. It is inherent only for males. It is most often shown already at the birth. Skin between scales is covered with cracks that gives it similarity to crocodile. The patient can have also epilepsy, mental retardation, dwarfism and skeletal anomalies.

Inborn ichthyosis. This form of a disease is almost not compatible to life. It can be diagnosed till the child's birth. On the third month of pre-natal development the fruit begins to become covered by the horn stratifications reminding a tortoise shell. His nose and auricles are also covered with dense scales, the mouth is too small, and eyelids are twisted. All this leads to so serious violations of breath, action of the heart and kidneys that most of newborns are born the dead or dies during the first hours after the birth.

Кожные покровы при ихтиозе

Integuments at an ichthyosis

Ichthyosis reasons:

This disease is hereditary, however the mechanism of emergence of genovariations by the scientist is not clear yet.

Treatment of the Ichthyosis:

It should be noted that this disease is incurable. Therefore everything that doctors can make, is to suppress symptoms of a disease and to improve quality of life of the patient.

First of all, careful care of skin is necessary. These are daily bathtubs with potassium permanganate, salt, starch and so on. Ultra-violet radiation, mud applications, talasso-and heliation is necessary. Skin should be greased with the softening ointments.

Medicamentous therapy consists in treatment by corticosteroids, anabolic steroids, gamma-globulin, hormonal drugs, drugs of calcium, iron and an aloe. Reception of vitamins A, E, C, PP, U, groups B is shown, also blood plasma transfusions are carried out.

How to prevent emergence of this disease?

Unfortunately, now prevention of an ichthyosis comes down to refusal of parents of the birth of children. Couples among which relatives there are patients with an ichthyosis have to undergo without fail medicogenetic consultation which will define, appearance of the child with the affected skin is how real. If the woman decided on pregnancy, then it has to undergo inspection. In case of detection at a disease fruit, pregnancy with it is recommended to interrupt.

Despite incurability of this disease, the forecast in most cases favorable. However throughout all life the patient should adhere to doctor's instructions.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Ichthyosis:

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