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Deficit of biotin


Biotin - B7 vitamin (the vitamin N is also called) necessary for exchange of fats and carbohydrates. It contains in different products, especially there is a lot of it in a liver, kidneys, eggs, milk, fish and nuts.  The minimum daily dose of biotin for the person – 150-200 mkg, and for women during pregnancy and a lactation – 250-300 mkg a day.

Reasons of deficit of biotin:

At the people adhering to the balanced diet, deficit of biotin is very improbable. However he is possible if the person within several weeks used crude proteins of eggs as they contain substance which contacts biotin in an organism, interfering with its absorption. Deficit of biotin can develop at people, a long time of the biotin drugs which are on intravenous (parenteral) food without addition. Laboratory analyses reveal decrease in content of biotin in blood and urine. Other reasons of deficit of biotin: heredity (autosomal and recessive deficit of biotinidase); use of antibiotics and sulfanamide drugs (they kill healthy intestinal microflora which synthesizes biotin), digestion disturbances (for example, a sprue after a resection of a small intestine); abuse of sugar substitute of saccharin which negatively influences synthesis and digestion of biotin; the use of the products containing sulphurous connections as preservatives (they destroy biotin); an alcohol abuse (alcoholic beverages interfere with digestion of biotin), deficit of magnesium (which turns biotin into an active form).

Symptoms of deficit of biotin:

Biotin participates in all types of exchange: fatty, carbohydrate, proteinaceous. The first signs of deficit are shown by damage of skin: peeling, dryness and ashy pallor of skin, pale smooth language, circumoral dermatitis. Then nausea, appetite loss, conjunctivitis, a hair loss, an ataxy, drowsiness, a depression, muscular pains, weakness and hypotonia of muscles, high level of cholesterol and sugar in blood, anemia join. The hereditary disease deficit of biotinidase can be shown already in the first few days life, and maybe at later age. The psychoneurological symptomatology, lacks of coordination, difficulties in training, attacks of spasms, delay of physical development is noted.


Decrease in release of biotin with urine testifies to its deficit. Normal removal of biotin with urine makes 11-183 mkg a day. It is possible to confirm the diagnosis with trial treatment: improvement of a state and disappearance of symptoms against the background of treatment by biotin in a dose of 100 mkg/days.

Treatment of deficit of biotin:

Deficit of biotin is stopped by drugs of biotin and a full-fledged diet.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Deficit of biotin:

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