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Nausea it not a disease, but symptom. Nausea is very widespread phenomenon and can arise for various reasons. Even in the absence of treatment, nausea usually passes. Nausea this unpleasant feeling concentrated in a stomach it can be caused by chemical changes in a stomach. The hyperoxemia, increase in volume of bile, or other chemical changes in a stomach can make sick. Medicines can also make sick. Nausea often do not lead to vomiting though most of patients physically lighten after vomiting. Happens that nausea is a signal to the broken acidity, often it can be cured receptions of antacids. In hard cases nausea can result in temporary disability.

Nausea reasons:

Sick is most often made by drugs, such as analgetics, heart drugs,  drugs against the increased blood pressure, antikonvulsant, drugs against asthma, headaches and migraine, antianemic drugs. Sick can be made by irritants which are consumed with food. Abuse of caffeine, for example, can irritate a mucous membrane of a stomach and make sick.
Sick can be made by emotional triggers. Some patients can feel nausea at visual irritation.  Other patients can feel nausea at emotional pressure, the expressed concern, alarm, a stress.
Drugs which eliminate nausea level an acid imbalance in a stomach, and also block brain receptors which are responsible for nausea.

Тошнота при беременности

Nausea at pregnancy

Treatment of Nausea:

Sick can be made by a motion desease, such type of nausea it is possible to treat by means of drugs, such as Dramamine.  
Symptoms of diseases, such as myocardial infarction, heavy attacks of asthma and others, can include nausea. The sick made by the main disease it is often possible to treat though more effective is treatment of the main pathology.
Patients  with injuries and after surgical interventions often feel nausea. The drugs which are used at anesthesia often make sick after awakening from an anesthesia. This type of nausea usually does not demand treatment and will disappear over time, as a rule, through for 2-3 hours.
If nausea not to treat, it will not cause any serious effects for an organism, however daily and/or long episodes of nausea complicate functioning of the patient. Can lead the chronic sick made by drugs, a chronic disease and a stress to an electrolytic imbalance and dehydration, and also loss of weight, appetite loss.  
Pregnancy can be often connected with nausea, and in certain cases nausea disturbs throughout all pregnancy. In that case the pregnant woman should provide a full-fledged day regimen, adequate food. Drugs for simplification of nausea can help future mother to receive sufficient nutrition during pregnancy.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Nausea:

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