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Anesthesia is necessary at any surgery, when carrying out anesthesia the patient does not feel pain. Also anesthesia helps to control breath, blood pressure, a blood flow, heartbeat when it is necessary.
Anesthesia is applied in order that:
- to relax the patient during operation
- to block pain
- to reach a condition of a dream
- to bring to unconsciousness the patient during operation

Anesthesia symptoms:

Depending on a type of a chuvstitelnost which is broken anesthesia happens:

    full anesthesia (block of all types of sensitivity)

    partial anesthesia (block of a certain type of sensitivity)

- lack of feeling of pain - an analgesia;

- lack of a thermoesthesia - a termanesteziya;

- lack of tactile sensitivity;

- lack of feeling of location of a body in space;

- lack of flavoring feelings - an ageusia;

- lack of sense of smell - an anosmia.

- lack of hearing.

- lack of sight.

If vision disorders, hearing or definition of location of a body in space are caused by injury of the corresponding receptors - that such sciences as ophthalmology and otolaryngology are engaged in their studying. If anesthesia happened because of damage of other types of receptors or disturbance of bonds between nervous cells - it is studied by neurology. The anesthesia caused by mental disorders is studied by psychiatry.

The algologiya, and the anesthesia which is specially caused in medicine - anesthesiology deals with issues of chronic pain.

In anesthesiology by means of anesthetics anesthesia when carrying out surgeries and other painful medical manipulations is carried out. Artificial anesthesia is used since 1847: this year James Simpson discovered chloroform.

Anesthesia reasons:

Anesthesia arises at disturbance of perception or transfer of sensitive nervous impulse at the different level:

    damage of sensitive receptors;

    defeat of sensory nerves;

    the damage of a brain breaking perception of nervous impulses;

    the mental diseases preventing to interpret correctly information which the brain accepted from sensitive receptors, for example hysteria.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for Anesthesia treatment:

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