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Mental diseases


Mental disorder (mental disease; a sincere disease) — in a broad sense — a condition of mentality, excellent from normal, healthy. Contrast of this term is Mental health. However it can have more private value in such areas as law, psychiatry and psychology.

Ideas of what is and that is not a mental disorder change together with development of science. For example, sociophobia was not considered as a mental disorder couple of decades ago, and the people who had this illness were considered as just especially timid. To the contrary, homosexuality was considered as the mental disorder demanding treatment several decades ago, and according to the modern International qualifier of diseases of the 10th review sexual orientation in itself as frustration cannot be considered: only psychological problems which arise in connection with it (F66.66.), are classified as diseases.

Symptoms of Mental diseases:

Displays of mental disorders carry a print of that welfare environment in which the person was brought up. Therefore the same mental disorder in various societies and cultures can be shown differently. In occupation and social groups where mental disorders do not find understanding and support from people around, somatization of these frustration or their somatic orientation increases. For example, in China the big depression is more often somatized (patients show complaints to disorder of internals), and in America and Europe is characterized more often as apathy, loss of energy and emotions. According to the statement of the representative of Russia in WHO on psychiatry MD Zurab Kekelidze, according to World Health Organization every fourth or fifth person in the world suffers from this or that mental or behavioural disorder.

Reasons of Mental diseases:

Rasyostroystyova of a psiyokhiyocheyosky deyoyayotelyyonoyosta of a cheyoloyoveyok, kayoky Yoby of a priyoroyoda they Yobyyoli, vseyogyoda of an obuyosyoloyovyoleyona of a nayoruyosheyoniyoyama of a rayoboyota го­лов­но­го mozyoga. But Yong vyosyayoky priyovoyodit nayoruyosheyony to Yopyosiyokhiyocheyosky эа­бо­ле­ва­ни­ям. Izyovestyono, a napriyomer, that при­ Yoneyokoyotoyory nervyony за­бо­ле­ва­ни­ях, не­смо­т­ря that poyovrezhyodayushchy process ло­ка­ли­зу­ет­ся in a goyolovyony mozyog, psiyokhiyocheyosky rasyostroystvo maybe Yong Yobyt.
Psiyokhiyocheyoskiye the zayoboyoleyovayoniya very of a rasyoproyostrayoneyona, чис­ло psiyokhiyocheyosk bolyyony on all zemyony shayor doyostigayot 150 million, priyochy in svyayoz with uveyoliyocheyoniyoy zhizyona proyodolzhiyotelyyonoyost отме­ча­ет­ся a tenyodention to a royost of this chisyol. Priyochiyona of psiyokhiyocheyosky zayoboyoleyovayoniya of a razyonoyoobyorazyona. Sreyodi them a sushcheyostvenyony role is igyorat by nayosledyostvenyony fakyotoyora.
Odyonayoko vozyonikyonoyoveyony and razyoviyoty a psiyokhoyoza in a ryayoda слу­ча­ев obuyosyoloyovyoleyona soyocheyotayoniyoy nayosledyostvenyony a predyorasyopoyolozheyoniya from neyoblagopriyoyatyony fakyotoyora of a vneshyoniyoma (an infektsiyoyama, injuries, inyotokyosiyokatsiyoyam, travmiyoruyushchiyom to a siyotuyoatsiyoyama psiyokhiyok). A poyovrezhyodeyoniya of a ployod in svyayoz with a boyolezyonye and mayoteyora injuries during a beyoremenyonoyosta a priyochiyony zayoderzhyoka psiyokhiyocheyosky the razyoviyotiya of a reyobenyok, an epiyolepyosiya and others psiyokhiyocheyosky boyolezyony can be Vnutyoriyoutrobyonye.
Izyovestyono to a tayokzha that otyoritsayotelyyono vliyoyat on a potomyostvo an alyokogoyolizm royodiyoteyoly, zayochayoty in a neyotyorezyovy viyod (even од­но­го from spouses) or upoyotrebyoleyony ал­кого­ля during a beyoremenyonoyosta. As Priyochiyona of psiyokhiyocheyosky zayoboyoleyovayoniya ча­сто serve inyotokyosiyokation, injuries of a goyoloyova, a boyolezyona of vnutyorenyony orgayon, infections. From an inyotokyosiyokatsiyoyama, a napriyomer, svyayozayona a hroyoniyocheyosky alyokogoyolizm and a naryokoyomayoniya of a sreyoda of infektsiyoonyony zayoboyoleyovayoniya, vyyozyyovayushchy psiyokhoyoza — entsefayoliyota, сифи­лис a mozyoga, бруцел­лез, то­ко­плазмоз, sypyony typhus, neyokoyotoyory forms of flu.
In a proyoisyokhozhyodeyoniya of nevyoroyoz and reyoakyotivyony psiyokhoyoz the osyonovyony role is igyorat by psiyokhiyocheyosky injuries, koyotoyory an inogyoda only proyovotsiyorut a nayosledyostvenyony predyorasyopoyolozhenyonost to boyolezyon. In a proyoisyokhozhyodeyoniya of psiyokhiyocheyosky zayoboyoleyovayoniya an opreyodeyolenyony role the komyobiyonation of priyochinyony fakyotoyor with inyodiyoviyoduyoalyyony igyorayot osoyobenyonoyostyam of a cheyoloyoveyok. Napriyomer, not at all persons, strayodayushchy sifiyoliyosy, раз­ви­ва­ет­ся sifiyoliyotiyocheyoskiya пси­хоз, and only at a neyobolshy chisyol bolyyony ateyoroyoskleyoroyozy soyosuyod го­лов­но­го vozyoniyokayot a mozyog slayoboyoumy or galyolyuyotsiyonayotoryono-breyodoyovy пси­хоз.
Psiyokhiyocheyosky a zayoboyoleyovayoniya in these слу­ча­ях predyosheyostvuyushchy injuries of a mozyog of an osyonovyony boyolezyona, bytoyovy inyotokyosiyokation (from ал­кого­ля), neyokoyotoyory boyolezyon of vnutyorenyony orgayon, a nayosledyostvenyony otyagoshchenyonost psiyokhiyocheyosky zayoboyoleyovayoniyoy can spoyosobyostvoyovat Razyoviyotiya. And воз­раст to a tayokzha have a floor opreyodeyolenyony znayocheyony in a razyoviyotiya psiyokhiyocheyosky boyolezyony. So, a napriyomer, psiyokhiyocheyosky a rasyostroystyova at муж­чин встре­чают­ся more often than at women. At the same time at муж­чин is more often на­блю­дают­ся travmayotiyocheyosky and alyokogolyyony psiyokhoyoza, at women — mayoniyoayokalyyono-depresyosivyony пси­хоз and inyovoyolyutsiyoonyony (predyostaryocheyosky) psiyokhoyoza, depresyosiya. Veyoroyoyatyono, объяс­ня­ет­ся not so much bioyologiyocheyoskiyom of a svoystyovama ate it how many sotsiyoalyyony fakyotoyora. Muzhyochiyona in a siyola сложивших­ся trayodition zloyoupoyotrebyolyat alyokogoyoly more often, and in svyayoz with it, esyoteyostvenyono, at them and is more often на­блю­дают­ся alyokogolyyony psiyokhoyoza. In a tayoky meyora not from a bioyologiya ate, and from sotsiyoalyyony usyoloyoviya the proyoisyokhozhyodeyoniya zayoviyosit preyoobyolayodayony at муж­чин psiyokhoyoz travmayotiyocheyosky.
That ка­са­ет­ся a vozyorayosyota, soyovershenyono ocheyovidyono that many psiyokhiyocheyosky boyolezyon на­блю­дают­ся only at deyoty, or only in a poyozhiyoly vozyorayosyot, or preyoimushcheyostvenyono in kayokom-liyobo Aden to a vozyorayosyota. Chayostoyota of a ryayod of zayoboyoleyovayoniya, the napriyomer, shiyozofreyoniya, doyostigayot a makyosimum in a vozyorayosyota from 20 to 35 years and yavyono payodayot to stayoroyost.

Treatment of Mental diseases:

The main tasks of modern psychiatry is diagnosis, and also treatment of mental diseases and frustration. Today a large number of the population asks in specialized clinics for mental health services. And it not only patients with heavy psychoses, schizophrenia or alcoholism, but also the people suffering from borderline cases, such as a depression, neurosis, alarming frustration and many others.

The treatment of mental diseases and frustration offered by modern psychotherapeutic clinics is made only by specialists of the top skills who have serious experience and a set of really encyclopedic knowledge allowing them it is rather good to understand both sincere diseases, and other diseases of the person.

Generally treatment of mental disorders is based on detailed studying of important psychosomatic symptoms of diseases, for that simple reason that mental disturbances very often are followed by pathological deviations in work of internals of the sick person.

Often, internal diseases about which existence many do not even suspect can become the reason of even more serious mental diseases. For example, the depression, neurosises and phobias can promote emergence of diseases of digestive tract of cardiovascular and immune systems.

Treatment of mental disorders and diseases is made with use of the modern diagnostic equipment, the safe medicines and professional techniques corresponding to the last achievements in the field of psychiatry.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Mental diseases:

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