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Alcoholic paranoid


The prosecution delirium tremens (alcoholic paranoid) is one of kinds of alcoholic psychoses.

Symptoms of Alcoholic paranoid:

Paranoid, as a rule, in the first days after the end of the period of a multi-day alcohol abuse develops. Often emergence of a delirium tremens of prosecution is preceded by longer hard drinking or increase in daily doses of alcohol.

At first the sleep disorder is noted, the mood of the patient  becomes suppressed, irritability amplifies. There is a confusion, alarm, fear, in certain cases - hallucinations.
The interval from emergence still of indistinct fears before emergence of full confidence in the begun prosecution can take from several hours to several days.
The patient begins all acts of surrounding his faces, their gestures, a mimicry, separate words and the whole phrases to treat as manifestations of the actions and intentions directed against it. It seems to it that people around intend to kill him either out of revenge, or for the purpose of mastering its property, or owing to some motives still unknown to it. Patients guess these motives according to phrases and gestures of persecutors. One word told at their presence can become a basis for the deepest confidence not only in the nature of the forthcoming punishment, but also in details of its implementation. Usually sick know motives of the prosecution which is conducted against them absolutely well.

Special option of alcoholic paranoid is the nonsense of jealousy (more often men suffer from it is more senior than forty years). It seems to such patients that the wife to them is incorrect that she changes with numerous lovers, even with their family, for example, the brother, the uncle, etc. The patient threatens the wife with punishment for treason. That all this only seems to it, the patient does not give in to any belief, and, on the contrary, claims that it is wanted to be presented still the fool. Under the influence of the crazy ideas of such patient can commit serious crime, and it is extremely dangerous in the social relation.

The delirium tremens of prosecution can proceed from several days to several weeks.

Reasons of Alcoholic paranoid:

Arises in the second stage of alcoholism, after long-term existence of an alcoholic abstinence syndrome.

Treatment of Alcoholic paranoid:

The help at alcoholic paranoid: a call of the narcologist, if necessary - hospitalization. After end of the first stage of treatment (stopping of an abstinence syndrome or acute intoxication in the conditions of a hospital, on an outpatient basis or at home) patients in a voluntary order are offered to pass to the second and third stage (respectively: correction  of post-abstinent mental disorders and antirecurrent therapy).

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