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Acute reaction on a stress


Acute reaction on a stress - tranzitorny disorder of considerable weight which develops at persons without visible mental disorder in response to an exclusive physical and psychological stress and which usually takes place within hours or days. Strong traumatic experience, including threat to security or physical integrity of an individual or a favourite face (for example, natural disaster, accident, fight, criminal behavior, rape) or unusually sharp and menacing change in a social status and/or the patient's environment, for example, loss of many relatives or the fire in the house can be a stress. The risk of development of frustration increases at physical exhaustion or existence of organic factors (for example, at elderly patients).

Symptoms of Acute reaction on a stress:

In emergence and weight of acute reactions on a stress individual vulnerability and adaptive abilities play a role; the fact that this frustration develops not at all people who underwent a severe stress demonstrates to it. Symptoms find the typical mixed and changing picture and include an initial condition of "oglushennost" with some narrowing of the field of consciousness and decrease in attention, inability to react adequately to external stimuluses and a disorientation. This state can be followed or further leaving from a surrounding situation (up to a dissociative stupor), or agitation and a hyperactivity (reaction of flight or the fugue). There can be partial or full dissociative amnesia of an episode. Often there are vegetative signs of panic alarm (tachycardia, sweating, reddening). Usually symptoms develop within minutes after influence stressful irritants or events and disappear within two-three days (frequent hours). The risk of development of a disease increases at physical exhaustion or at elderly. After loss of relatives as a result of earthquakes conviction that the dead are actually living, flight from the place of the tragedy, behavior with lines of infantilism (puerilism), hardening at the place of the tragedy and refusal to leave it is noted. Similar reactions arise at sudden death of close.

The reasons of Acute reaction on a stress:

Arises at strong traumatic experience (natural disaster, accident, rape, loss of relatives). At the time of a stress there is a fixing on such mechanisms of protection as extreme identification, replacement. Changes of consciousness, disturbance of perception and behavior are as a result possible.

Treatment of Acute reaction on a stress:

Tranquilizers, for example diazepam in a dose to 20 mg, antidepressants, therapy by a dream, gestalt therapy, group and family therapy.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Acute reaction on a stress:

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