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The heatstroke is one of types of a hyperthermia which is characterized by abnormally increased body temperature and is followed by some physical and neurologic symptoms. The second. Less widespread name of heatstroke – thermal fever. It results from failure in the body attemperation mechanism. As a rule, the body develops heat and disseminates it or radiation through skin, or by evaporation through sweat. Nevertheless, in certain conditions, such as high humidity, the extreme temperature, a body is not able to give heat. As a result, body temperature rises to 39-40C.
There are two forms of heatstroke, such as heatstroke at an exercise stress and classical heatstroke. The first option of heatstroke are usually observed at young people who carry out intense physical activity at high temperature of the environment during long term. The classical heatstroke influences very young people, elderly people with a slow-moving way of life,  people with chronic diseases.

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Heatstroke reasons:

Stay and exercise stress in the conditions of the increased temperature in the absence of enough liquid is the main reason for heatstroke. If the person does not drink a lot of liquid before a training or an exercise stress in hot day, he can suffer from heatstroke. Liquid cools a body, allowing it to produce sweat. Dehydration is one more reason of heatstroke. The dehydrated person does not sweat quickly because of what heat does not dissipate as appropriate. It leads to the increased body temperature. Children, elderly people with diseases of lungs, a heart trouble or kidneys are more susceptible to heatstroke. People with alcoholism, obesity, advanced age, with chronic diseases, an uncontrollable diabetes mellitus, Parkinson's disease, at the use of certain drugs, such as antihistaminic drugs and diuretics, are more inclined to heatstroke.

Heatstroke symptoms:

Symptoms of heatstroke are widely variable. The most widespread of them are nausea, vomiting, increased fatigue, a headache, dizziness, muscular spasms or muscle pain, dryness, erubescence. Also there can be a confusion of thoughts and the speech, inadequate behavior, high temperature of a body, frequent pulse, the complicated breath, hallucinations, excitement, a disorientation. The person suffering from heatstroke faints. Sweating is stopped because of failure in system of thermal control.
High temperature of a body can also lead to an internal injury, especially a brain. Due to the liquid loss, blood pressure is reduced. Most of people die of heatstroke because of a circulatory unefficiency. Irreversible injuries of a brain are often diagnosed for people who survive in the subsequent. The heatstroke is the serious urgent medical problem demanding the immediate help. If not to treat him, irreversible injuries of a brain, a lump can develop and even to come death.

Heatstroke treatment:

It is necessary to transfer the patient with heatstroke to the area of a shadow or to the room. The clothes of the victim are taken off, rub off skin cold water. The person can be placed under the fan or the conditioner that strengthens sweating and evaporation. Packages of ice should be placed under mice and in a groin.  Monitoring of body temperature by means of the thermometer is carried out. Actions for cooling of a body need to be continued until body temperature decreases to normal.

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