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Poisoning with benzene


Poisoning with benzene (threshold limit value of 0,1 mg in 1 l) can occur as accident owing to a rupture of the pipeline, breakdown of a ventilyayotion    , etc.  at  the koksobenzolny plants at distillation of coal tar, at the enterprises developing, aniline, paints, in perfumery productions.

Symptoms of Poisoning with benzene:

Symptoms of acute poisoning: an ebrietas, a slayobost, dizziness, a headache, a ring in ears, nausea, plentiful sweat, vomiting, sometimes hallucinations, nonsense. Pallor is replaced by a hyperemia. Breath is speeded up, and then zamedyoleno; temperature is lowered. At severe poisoning epileptiform attacks, nonsense, trembling nayoblyudatsya, the reyoaktion of pupils on light is absent, the agranulocytic reakyotion of blood, breath paralysis, arterial pressure falls, the coma develops. At inhalation of large amounts of benzene death quickly is caused by breath paralysis. At poisoning with benzene chloride the optic neuritis    and  a coma develops.

At toxic influence of amidobenzene coordination naruyoshatsya, there are dizziness, neustoyyochivy gait, paresthesia and anesthesia, the areflexia, nonsense, develops  a coma.

At poisoning with nitrobathing benzene of a koyozh becomes brownish, nausea, vomiting, goyolovokruzheny, kloniko-tonic spasms, a lockjaw, a rasstyoroystvo of coordination and the speech, a mydriasis, an optic neuritis, a coma with paralysis of breath and cordial activity develop. Sometimes excitement attacks, maniacal state. Metgemoglobinuriya. Expired air has a smell of goryyoky  almonds.

Help. At poisoning with benzene: washing zheyoludka, laxative, coal, normal saline solution (1 — 2 l subcutaneously), caffeine (1 ml of 10% of solution subcutaneously), kamyofara (2 ml of 20% of solution subcutaneously), Corazolum (1 ml of 10% of solution intramusculary), Carbogenum, artificial respiration.

At steam inhalation of gasoline arterialyyony pressure goes down, the headache, dizziness, excitement, laughter, fibrillar twitchings, spasms, a hyperemia of the person, a mydriasis, yellowness of scleras develop. At heavy intoxications — drowsiness, a loss of consciousness, spasms, cyanosis, tachycardia, breath disturbance, increase in a tempeyoratura, an areflexia, then coma. At a priyoema the gastrointestinal phenomena inside join: vomiting,  diarrhea,      abdominal pains.

Reasons of Poisoning with benzene:

Benzene, carcinogenic substance (essence), occurs (meets) naturally and also is created artificially. It is colourless liquid (liquid), aromatic hydrocarbon, with rather high fusion point. Benzene also groups quality of to be very flammable. Earlier, this chemical was used in gasoline, but after its cancerogenic activity (activity) was found, use became limited. However, all this is considered still an important element (voter) in production of products, such as drugs (drugs), plastic, synthetic rubber, and paints. Crude oil, as we know, contains benzene as a natural element (voter) and so does volcanic issue, and wildfires, as we know, produce this chemical in the nature (character). It can be also made, synthesizing other structures existing in oil. Because of cancerogenic property, poisoning with benzene as found, was one of the frequent reasons of cancer educations and attacks of other diseases, also.

Treatment of Poisoning with benzene:

Immediately fresh air, rest, oxygen inhalation, caffeine (1 ml of 10% of solution subcutaneously), camphor (2 ml of 20% of solution subcutaneously), bromides with a valerian, a glyuyokoza (20 ml of 40% of solution), bloodletting (200 — 250 ml); at breath disturbance — a lobelia (1 ml of 1% of solution intramusculary), an artificial respiration; at a vozbuzhdeyoniya — bromic  drugs;  at  pneumonia — antibiotics.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Poisoning with benzene:

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