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Poisoning with a castor-bean tree


Ricinus communis L. (this. a spurge family — Euphorbiaceae). The main effective agent (most often poisoning occurs the seeds similar to haricot and beans) is very poisonous toxalbumin ricin. Allergic reactions arise when wearing a beads from seeds. The plant contains also alkaloid ricinine. Also cakes from which ricin not completely is removed are strongly poisonous. In pharmaceutical industry the castor-bean tree is used for receiving castor oil. The use of 6 — 20 seeds of a castor-bean tree leads to death.

Castor-bean tree poisoning reasons:

Castor-bean tree ordinary – a perennial herbaceous plant from family the Spurge family. Bushes wide, sprawling, up to 2 meters high. The stalk is hollow, branchy, painted in green, red, brown colors with a bluish plaque. Leaves are located on hollow scapes, large, palmate and separate from 5-10 by blades. Coloring of leaves varies from dark green and to purple or violet. Flowers ordinary-looking, are collected in dense clustery inflorescences. A fruit – the oval box covered with thorns. The name of a plant resembles from the Latin word "ricinus" - a tick. Plant seeds the form are similar to east tick.

Внешний вид растения

Outward of a plant

Семена клещевины

Castor-bean tree seeds

Symptoms of poisoning with a castor-bean tree:

Poisoning symptoms: an indisposition, nausea, vomiting, pain and burning in a gullet and a stomach, a pharynx hyperemia, a diarrhea owing to the developing gastroenteritis; headache, drowsiness, loss of orientation and consciousness; cyanosis, disturbance of cordial activity, pulse frequent, weak filling; at a serious poisoning — spasms, an anury, a hamaturia; in urine are found protein and cylinders; increase (or decrease) body temperatures, sometimes — jaundice, a leukocytosis, shift of a blood count is noted to the left. Death — at the collapse phenomena. At contact with a conjunctiva of parts of seeds the heavy inflammation develops.

Treatment of poisoning with a castor-bean tree:

Treatment: artificial vomiting, repeated gastric lavages and high enemas are combined with purpose of a suspension of coal of Natrii hydrocarbonas activated in 2% solution; magnesium or sodium of sulfate (25 — 30 g in 2 — 4 glasses of water or are entered via the probe). Frequent receptions of various mucous broths, in particular starch, fruit or milk kissel, jelly etc. are shown. Absolute rest is combined with heating of a body. Also hemotransfusion and blood substitutes, introduction (according to indications) 20% of solution caffeine-sodium benzoate or 10% of solution of Corazolum is recommended (on 1 — 2 ml subcutaneously). At disturbance of functions of cardiovascular system appoint 0,2% hydrotartrate noradrenaline solution (0,5 — 1 ml in 5% glucose solution intravenously kapelno). At a pain syndrome introduction of 1% of solution of morphine of a hydrochloride (1 — 2 ml subcutaneously), together with 0,1% Atropini sulfas solution (1 ml) is shown. Alkalization of an organism is carried out (Natrii hydrocarbonas — 5 — 15 g a day). Oxygenotherapy.

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