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Anury - lack of an urination in connection with complete cessation of intake of urine in a bladder (unlike an acute delay of an urination when the bladder is on the contrary crowded).

Anury symptoms:

Development of an anury can gradually happen or in an acute form if before functional capacity of kidneys was within norm. Within several days, after the beginning of a disease the condition of the patient can be satisfactory as the homeostasis is carried out at the expense of other bodies and systems. Symptoms of uraemic intoxication of an organism begin to be shown in 3-4 days and are expressed in nausea, vomiting, dryness in a mouth, thirst, appetite loss, an ammonia smell from a mouth, the locks which are replaced by a diarrhea. Signs of damage of the central nervous system are shown: there is a headache, muscles hurt, the patient can be oppressed or is on the contrary excited, sometimes there comes the condition of nonsense. The subrenal anury can be followed by pain in lumbar area like renal colic and the aching pain with a tumor pressure upon ureters. At recovery of current of urine the organism intoxication symptoms accompanying a subrenal anury promptly disappear.

  The anury is diagnosed on the basis of complaints of the patient to a long absence of an urination and clinical signs of uraemic intoxication. Lack of urine in a bladder is confirmed by means of catheterization. If the bladder is crowded, then the anury is excluded and it is about an acute delay of an urination.

Anury reasons:

Depending on the reason distinguish an arenalny, prerenalny, renal and subrenal anury. The Arenalny anury happens at newborns at inborn lack of both kidneys or comes in connection with wrong removal of the only kidney. The Prerenalny anury arises owing to the termination or insufficient inflow of blood to a kidney, in particular at the expressed heart failure. The renal anury is caused by a disease of kidneys or their injury (a glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis, нефроангиосклероз, etc.) with considerable damage of a renal parenchyma. The subrenal anury is a consequence of disturbance of outflow of urine at obturation of upper uric ways stones or their prelum a tumor, hems, inflammatory infiltrate.

Treatment of the Anury:

Treatment depends on a type of an anury, its reasons and manifestations. At a subrenal anury hold the events directed to recovery of the broken urine passage (catheterization of ureters, a nephropyelostomy). At an arenalny, prerenalny and renal anury Treatment of the patient has to be performed in the renal center equipped with the equipment for a hemodialysis.

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