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Poisoning with arsenous hydrogen


Comes to an organism only through respiratory tracts, without focal lesion of mucous membranes. It is allocated from an organism with urine and a stake in the form of myshyaksoderzhashchy connections. Arsenous hydrogen — strong hemolitic poison which effect is caused by various intermediate myshyaksoderzhashchy products of its oxidation. As a result of hemolysis air hunger of an organism with disturbance of fabric oxidizing processes develops. In a pathogeny of intoxication the damage of kidneys developing owing to obstruction of uric tubules decomposition products of erythrocytes is important.

Symptoms of Poisoning with arsenous hydrogen:

At poisoning with arsenous hydrogen after hidden peri-the ode (2 — 2,4 h) the headache, the general weakness and an indisposition, dizziness, pain in epigastriß area, nausea and often vomiting, sometimes a joint pain, concern and strong thirst, anemia develop. The haemoglobinuria is at the same time observed. In 2 — 3 days jaundice begins. The general state worsens, temperature increases, there are tachycardia, short wind, pain in lumbar area; the liver and a spleen are increased.

The forecast considerably is defined by function of kidneys. After acute poisoning during the long period are observed (polyneuritic and polyneuralgic symptoms, disturbance of sensitivity, functions of heart, other complications can develop (pneumonia, pleurisy, etc.).

In hard cases of acute poisoning against the background of sharply expressed hemolitic anemia jaundice, cyanosis, an oliguria accrue, then there come the full anury, coma and uraemia (a hiccups, painful vomiting, an urine smell from a mouth, spasms, the confused consciousness). During this period the level of residual nitrogen in blood sharply increases.

Reasons of Poisoning with arsenous hydrogen:

Gas, meets as a by-product in various industries (chemical, metalworking, etc.) where reactions of interaction of mineral acids with metals are used, and also when filling by hydrogen of aerostats, children's balloons; when cleaning tanks from under sulphuric acid, the wrong storage and transportation of myshyaksoderzhazdy pesticides.

Treatment of Poisoning with arsenous hydrogen:

First aid and treatment: to immediately remove the victim from the infected atmosphere, absolute rest and heat. As soon as possible to enter an antidote of arsenous hydrogen — мекаптид (intramusculary 1 — 2 ml of 40% of Solutio oleosa). In the 1st days — 2 — 3 injections of an antidote with an interval of 4 — 5 h, for the 2 and 3 days — 2 injections with an interval of 8 — 10 h. In the specified doses drug usually well is transferred. The small consolidation of c an injection site eliminated by warming (hot-water bottle), and also the itch disappearing after reception of calcium chloride or Dimedrol is sometimes noted.

Unithiolum in the acute period of intoxication is contraindicated. It can be applied only on 5 — the 7th days after poisoning for the purpose of bystreyshy removal of arsenic from an organism. Treatment mekaptidy does not exclude (in case of need) use of other remedies allocated for fight against the developing anemia, air hunger and defeat of secretory bodies. At damage of kidneys appoint plentiful alkaline drink, diuretics (carefully), and also drop injection of glucose (5% solution to 500 ml) and isotonic solution of sodium chloride under skin, a diathermy of renal area. For elimination of a spasm of renal I suck Dov apply perinephric novocainic blockade, at a resistant anurya hemodialysis.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Poisoning with arsenous hydrogen:

  • Препарат Магния сульфат.

    Magnesium sulfate

    Plasma substituting and perfused solutions. Additives to solutions for intravenous administration. Electrolytes.

    JSC Borisovsky Plant of Medical Supplies Republic of Belarus


  • Препарат Унитиол-Ферейн®.


    Complexing means.

    CJSC Bryntsalov-A Russia

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