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Thyrocardiac crisis


Thyrocardiac crisis this most serious condition which is a complication of a tirotoksikoz. Fortunately he meets rather seldom, but demands urgent treatment in the conditions of a hospital hospital. At thyrocardiac crisis there is a sharp increase in products of thyroid hormones to their massive emission in a blood channel. A large amount of tiroidny hormones in blood is followed by insufficiency of bark of adrenal glands and excess products of catecholamines (adrenaline and noradrenaline) that even more increases sensitivity of cells and body tissues to tiroidny hormones.

Symptoms Thyrocardiac crisis:

Suddenly there is a sharp weakness, fervescence, plentiful sweating, a headache, increase in arterial pressure, nausea, vomiting and a diarrhea. Very quickly body temperature increases to 40 degrees and above. Breath becomes frequent, there is asthma. There is a disturbance of a rhythm. Most often it is a ciliary arrhythmia (completely wrong rhythm). Heart rate can exceed 200 beats per minute. Then arterial pressure can sharply fall. There is a hyperphrenia or confusion of consciousness. Acute psychosis or a tirotoksichesky coma with devocalization or a loss of consciousness can develop. Often there is a damage of a liver. There is jaundice and the acute liver failure develops that is also a terrible complication, life-threatening.

Вид больной тиреотоксикозои

Type of a sick tireotoksikozoa

Reasons Thyrocardiac crisis:

Thyrocardiac crisis arises during removal of a thyroid gland or at treatment by a radioiodine without preliminary training of the patient. At patients with tirotoksikozy thyrocardiac crisis can arise at various situations, stressful for an organism: surgery, excessive exercise and mental stress, acute or exacerbations of chronic diseases.

Treatment Thyrocardiac crisis:

Treatment of tirotoksichesky crisis is carried out in the conditions of the intensive care unit of a hospital. For correction of insufficiency of bark of adrenal glands intravenously enter гирдрокортизон. At the high level of arterial pressure administer the drugs for its decrease. For decrease in production of hormones of a thyroid gland administer the drugs of iodine or a tirostatika (тирозол).

Treatment of heart failure and dehydration is carried out. Correction of mental disturbances is carried out. At high temperature of a body of the patient rub off spirit solutions, lay over bubbles with ice. Indoors by means of the fan low temperature is maintained.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment Thyrocardiac crisis:

  • Препарат Бетаспан.


    Glucocorticosteroids for system use.

    JSC Pharmak Ukraine

  • Препарат Мерказолил.


    Anti-thyroid means.

    JSC Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plant AKRIKHIN Russia


  • Препарат Обзидан.


    Beta adrenoblocker.

    Actavis Ltd. (Aktavis Ltd.) Switzerland

  • Препарат Бетаметазон.



    SC Balkan Pharmaceuticals SRL (Balkans Pharmasyyutikals) Republic of Moldova

  • Препарат Анаприлин.


    Beta adrenoblocker.

    JSC Irbit Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plant Russia

  • Препарат Анаприлин.


    Beta adrenoblocker.

    CJSC PFK Obnovleniye Rossiya

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