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Poisoning with quinine


Selective effect of poison:
- psychotropic (exciting),
- neurotoxic,
- cardiotoxic.

Symptoms of Poisoning with quinine:

Symptoms: dizziness, a ring in ears, a headache, decrease in hearing, a mydriasis, a vision disorder, a nystagmus, bradycardia, cyanosis, stomach aches, vomiting, a diarrhea. The drowsiness which is replaced by excitement, sometimes sleeplessness, heartbeat, lowering of arterial pressure. Tremor of hands, spasms, oglushennost, coma, oliguria. In urine protein appears. A small tortoiseshell, temperature increase is observed.

Reasons of Poisoning with quinine:

Poisoning with quinine occurs at its reception in the dose exceeding therapeutic.

Treatment of Poisoning with quinine:

Gastric lavage with coal impurity, laxative; at excitement — luminal (0,1 g); at spasms — Chlorali hydras (50 ml of 2% of solution); when falling cordial activity — caffeine (1 ml of 10% of solution subcutaneously), camphor (2 ml of 20% of solution subcutaneously), Corazolum (1 ml of 10% of solution, intramusculary). At serious condition — bloodletting (500 ml), normal saline solution (1,5 — 2 l subcutaneously), chloride sodium (10 ml of 10% of solution intravenously), glucose (500 ml of 5% of solution-pelno), oxygen, an artificial respiration, ephedrine (1 ml of 5%  of solution  subcutaneously).

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Poisoning with quinine:

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